Norwegian Cruise Line: Top 6 Reasons to Sail with NCL

Norwegian Cruise Line, also known as NCL is one of the top cruise lines to sail on

When you’re booking a cruise, you have a long list of options for cruise lines and sailings, but Norwegian Cruise line is a cut above for a host of reasons. From affordable rates to jaw-dropping freebies, this cruise line knows how to be a crowd pleaser. Never sailed with NCL before? Let’s go over a few reasons you might want to make this popular cruise line your next booking.

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Free at Sea

Lots of cruise lines offer perks and promotions, but it’s hard to beat the “Free at Sea” deal from Norwegian Cruise Line—especially when the cruise line is running its “Take All” promotion. That’s because you don’t get just one or two freebies, but a whole slew of amazing perks, including free drinks, free specialty dining, free Wi-Fi, shore excursions, and free cabin fare for a third and fourth guest. You might even find airfare included as part of the deal! That’s a savings of up to $2,900!

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Norwegian Cruise Line’s Freestyle Cruising

It’s your vacation—shouldn’t you be able to do whatever you want, whenever you feel like doing it? Unlike with some cruise lines, NCL lets you make your own schedule, dining at whatever time works for you (no reservation is needed in complimentary dining rooms!) and choosing your entertainment and activities as you see fit. There are no formal dress codes with freestyle cruising, which means you can choose attire that’s comfortable for you. No need to pack formal wear!

Award-Winning Entertainment and Activities

Norwegian Cruise Line is a great match for travelers who love to be entertained. Broadway musicals, magicians, Second City comics, dueling pianos—when you cruise Norwegian, you can enjoy it all. But there’s plenty to do for those who simply can’t sit still. Try out the first racetrack at sea, or careen down waterslides or thrilling dry slides. You can play laser tag, check out motion simulators, and much more.

Unbeatable Value on Norwegian Cruise Line

With affordable staterooms spanning several categories, Norwegian Cruise Line offers incredible value, no matter your budget or accommodations needs. And since you’ll likely get a ton of free perks as part of “Free at Sea,” you can watch your dollar go even further. Keep your eyes peeled for promotions from NCL—if you can snag a deal, you’ll be surprised by how much you can save.

Perfect for Solo Travelers

Looking for a cruise line that caters to solo travelers? Norwegian Cruise Line undoubtedly fits the bill. Unlike some other cruise lines that make solo travelers pay a single supplement, select NCL ships offers studio cabins made for just one. You can settle in and have a space of your own, without having to pay extra simply to sleep next to an empty bed. NCL does an incredible job of connecting you with other solo travelers on their sailings via plenty of meetups planned throughout the voyage. You won’t need to be alone at all—unless you want to!

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Phenomenal Itineraries

Norwegian Cruise Line can whisk you to some of the world’s most alluring destinations, from tiny islands in the Caribbean to the vast wonderland that is Alaska. But that’s just the start. NCL can make your dreams of a European cruise come true. And the company is the leading cruise line sailing to the Hawaiian Islands—in just a one-week sailing, you can visit Oahu, Maui, Hilo, Kona, and Kauai. Bermuda, too, is a popular port from the Northeast, since you can spend a few days in port enjoying the island and even staying overnight.

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