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  • Celebrity Loyalty Program Breakdown: Is the Captain’s Club Right For You?

    The Celebrity loyalty program offers so many benefits for cruisers.

    The Celebrity loyalty program is a passenger club that offers a lot of extra benefits and discounts to members who remain loyal to Celebrity. It is called the Celebrity Captain’s Club and members can gain points simply by taking cruises that will allow them complimentary amenities and services, plus additional access during their cruises. While some loyalty programs offer few rewards and seem to be mostly about recognition, Celebrity offers quite a few benefits that will surely make you feel like an actual VIP. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, read on to get all the info on why the Celebrity loyalty program is so amazing!


  • Disney Treasure Now on Sale: Everything You Need to Know

    Disney Treasure cruises are now on sale.

    Parents, long-time Disney fans, and cruise enthusiasts of all kinds have something to look forward to in the coming year, as Disney’s latest ship, Disney Treasure is set to launch next December. This new cruise ship promises to bring all the new adventures, innovative attractions, and unique luxuries that we have come to expect from the Disney brand. If that sounds appealing to you, then read on as we explore the best of what Disney Treasure cruises are offering to passengers. From new immersive attractions, to high-class cuisines and pampering, Disney just keeps turning out hits and we just keep eating them up!


  • Carnival Ship Classes: Breaking Down Each Tier of Carnival Cruise Ships

    Carnival ships in the water 6 chips sailing in ocean

    With eight different tiers of Carnival ship classes, it can be tough to figure out which ship type is right for you. All Carnival ships embody that same essence of fun and relaxation that they are famous for, but many focus on different aspects of the cruising experience. Perhaps you want the luxury and opulence of the Splendor Class. Or maybe you need the extra family-focused features of the Excel Class. Whether you are looking for the modern amenities on newer ships, or the coziness of classic ships, knowing what sets each class apart is important when you are booking. In this article, we will be breaking down each of the Carnival ship classes and what sets them apart.


  • All-Inclusive Cruise Guide: Exploring Your Options for a Worry-Free Vacation

    All inclusive cruise tips for your next cruise vacation.

    You may think that you are saving money by booking the cheapest cruise ticket and forgoing your all-inclusive cruise options. But paying for everything a la carte is very likely to lead to overspending; at the very least, you will have to think about your budget for the whole trip, making it that much more difficult to unplug and unwind. From food and drinks to activities and excursions, there are a lot of things that you can pre-book and package with your ticket to save some cash and free your mind from worry. To transform your boring a-la-carte cruise to a liberating set-it-and-forget-it vacation, we’ve got a list of all-inclusive cruise tips to make your voyage completely stress free.


  • Cruise Embarkation: What to Expect When Boarding a Cruise

    Women checking in at terminal for cruise embarkation

    If you’ve never taken a cruise before, you probably don’t know what to expect on cruise embarkation day. What do you need to bring in order to be prepared? How early before departure should you arrive? How can you make the process as smooth and painless as possible? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you. In this article, we will be covering everything you need to know and what you can expect to happen when boarding a cruise. While some aspects can vary from cruise to cruise, this guide is applicable to any and all cruise lines. So grab your swimsuit, pack your bags, and don’t forget your sunscreen; it’s time to embark on your dream vacation!


  • Get Excited for These New Cruise Ships Coming in 2023

    New cruise ships include Icon of the Seas

    There are few things more exciting for cruise enthusiasts than when they get the chance to try out new cruise ships. Although there are only a few more months left in 2023, there are still many more new vessels preparing for their first voyages, which means plenty of reasons for you to get excited. From the record breaking attractions of Royal Caribbean’s new ship, to the unprecedented levels of luxury being delivered by Celebrity, we’ve got all the details of the new 2023 cruise ships that are sure to get cruisers reaching for their wallets. Breathe deep and take in that new-cruise-ship smell!


  • New York Cruises: What Destinations Do They Sail To?

    New York cruises with the Statue of Liberty leaving harbor for sea

    There are many amazing cruise destinations all over the Atlantic, which give New York cruises a lot of variety for their itineraries. If you are planning to take a cruise starting in NYC, you can head up to Canada, all the way down past Florida, or even across the Atlantic over to Europe. If you are a New York local, you’ve got plenty of options for places to cruise to without having to fly to another state to catch your cruise. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve got the rundown on where you can go on cruises from New York (or in some cases, from Bayonne, NJ right outside of NYC).


  • Cruise to Cozumel: 5 Things You Won’t Want to Miss

    Things to do when cruise to Cozumel with sign at port.

    A cruise to Cozumel is a veritable voyage into paradise, and any vacation here is going to be one for the books. But if you were planning on spending your whole stay here glued to a beach chair and napping the day away, we’ve got news for you; there is a whole lot more to do on this pristine island than just catching some rays by the beach. It would be a shame to come all the way to the Mexican Caribbean and not experience everything that this island and its denizens have to offer. To that end, we’ve got a list of the best things to do in Cozumel that you won’t want to miss out on!


  • Carnival Loyalty Program: Make the Most Out of Being a VIFP

    Carnival VIFP Club loyalty program sailing on Carnival Celebration

    The Carnival loyalty program is a great way for cruise enthusiasts to cash in on extra perks just by taking the cruises that they love to take. Called the Carnival VIFP Club (VIFP meaning Very Important Fun Person), it allows you to get complimentary gifts, priority services, additional access, and much more, without having to do anything other than keep cruising with Carnival. Even better, you can take advantage of this amazing offer even when you book on, allowing you to take advantage of our great deals as well. If this sounds good to you, read on to get the skinny on what they offer and how to make the most of your cruising habits.


  • Celebrity Cruise Ships: The 5 Coolest Areas You’ll Want to Visit

    Celebrity cruise ship in port with lights at night

    Celebrity cruise ships are well known for their elevated elegance and opulent attractions. These are the ships that you book if you want to get a taste of how the other half lives. With every area of the ship decked out with high-end amenities and extravagant décor, it can be difficult to figure out the best places to visit during your cruise. You certainly don’t want to find out about areas that you missed out on after you’ve already disembarked from your ship. To save you from a bout of post-cruise FOMO, we’ve rounded up our picks for the top 5 coolest venues available on Celebrity ships.