Carnival Restaurants That Every Cruiser Should Try at Least Once

Image Carnival cruise dining option Cucina del Capitano. It is one of the many Carnival restaurants.
Family dining at Cucina del Capitano

Carnival restaurants are well known among cruising enthusiasts for their diversity and high quality. Whether you are looking for a quick bite to grab and go, or you want a nice night out at a fine dining establishment, you really can’t go wrong with any of the Carnival cruise dining options. The problem is that with so many restaurants on each ship, and so few days to try them all, it can be difficult to prioritize which restaurants you want to visit on any given cruise. To give you an idea of where to start, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite establishments that we would qualify as “must try” for any Carnival cruiser. 

For Handcrafted Burgers: Guy’s Burger Joint

Image hamburger and fries from Carnival cruise dining option Guy's Burger Joint. It is one of the many Carnival restaurants.
Hamburger and fries from Guy’s Burger Joint

We’re starting off strong with one of the most iconic of all Carnival restaurants, Guy’s Burger Joint. This classic burger grill is a collaboration with famed chef and TV personality Guy Fieri and is featured on literally every Carnival ship. Here you can get burgers that are handcrafted using only the freshest of ingredients, served with a side of fries and Guy’s signature seasoning. These are patties so juicy and bursting with flavor, it’ll feel like the first time you’ve ever had a burger. Whether or not you are a fan of burgers and fries, this is definitely worth a look in during any Carnival cruise dining spree.

A Carnival Restaurants Staple: BlueIguana Cantina

Image Carnival cruise dining option Blue Iguana Cantina. It is one of the many Carnival restaurants.
Blue Iguana Cantina on Carnival Pride

Next up, let’s take our Carnival cruise dining tour South of the border for some authentic tacos and burritos at BlueIguana Cantina. This casual and colorful Mexican restaurant invites you in with a charming atmosphere and the comforting smell of freshly made tortillas. Burritos and tacos are made to order with tons of fillings and toppings to choose from, and breakfast burritos are available in the mornings. This is another Carnival restaurant that is featured on every ship in the fleet. It’s also quick and convenient so it is perfect for a short lunch in between activities.

For Family Style Dining: Cucina del Capitano

Image Carnival cruise dining option Cucina del Capitano. It is one of the many Carnival restaurants.
Cucina del Capitano outdoor seating on Carnival Mardi Gras

For the perfect family dining experience, head to Cucina del Capitano (which translates to Captain’s Kitchen), our pick for the best Italian restaurant offered by Carnival cruise dining. This rustic trattoria-style restaurant has all the charm of a classic pizza joint in Southern Italy, with red-and-white checkered tablecloths and fine wood furniture. Here you can get classic Italian dishes like pasta, risotto, chicken parmigiana and much more, all served famiglia-style as Italian cuisine is meant to be enjoyed. You can find Cucina del Capitano for an additional fee on Carnival Breeze, Horizon, Magic, Panorama, Radiance, Sunrise, Sunshine, and Vista, and as a complimentary option on Carnival Mardi Gras, Celebration, and Jubilee. It can get a bit busy, so reservations are recommended!

Carnival Restaurants’ Top Steakhouse: Fahrenheit 555

Image Carnival cruise dining option Farenheit 555. It is one of the many Carnival restaurants.
Farenheit 555 on Carnival Horizon

Our list of Carnival restaurants wouldn’t be complete without a steakhouse on the docket, and for that we offer up Farenheit 555. This is a premium dining experience that is as elegant as it is delicious. Professional chefs at this esteemed restaurant sear prime cuts to absolute perfection and serve them up with top-notch appetizers, sides, and desserts. While you can find this restaurant on all Carnival ships, it is a specialty restaurant meaning that there will be an extra charge to dine here. But with world-class cuts and highly attentive service to boot, it is well worth the extra cost. This is Carnival cruise dining at its most fancy!

For the Seafood Lover: Rudi’s Seagrill

Image Carnival cruise dining option Rudi's Seagrill. It is one of the many Carnival restaurants.
Rudi’s Seagrill on Carnival Mardi Gras

Our last pick for must-try Carnival restaurants is Rudi’s Seagrill. This classy seafood-focused restaurant is the brainchild of cookbook author and seasoned master chef Rudi Sodamin. The vibe here is sophisticated and refined and the presentation is immaculate. Featured on the menu are amazing dishes like seafood bisque, crab-stuffed lobster tail imperial, and roasted halibut. For anyone who is less than partial to fish, they do have options such as pork chops and New York strips, but the seafood is the real star of the show. You can experience this seafood delight for an additional charge on Carnival Celebration, Mardi Gras, and Jubilee.

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