New Carnival Ship Alert! Carnival Celebration Ship Review

New Carnival ship, Carnival Celebration

As of November 2022, there is a new Carnival ship sailing the seas and whisking passengers off to popular Caribbean destinations. This new ship, called Carnival Celebration, has all the attractions and amenities that Carnival is known for and is an exciting new addition to their fleet. We recently got an up close look at what this ship has to offer, and we’re here to spill the tea on the newest circus-at-sea. So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride!

Carnival Celebration’s Center Stage Performances

Center Stage on on new Carnival ship, Carnival Celebration
Center Stage on Carnival Celebration

It wouldn’t be a new Carnival ship without some truly show stopping performances to dazzle passengers night after night, and the Center Stage on Carnival Celebration is where these amazing shows take place. The stage is positioned on one side of the ship with windows behind it offering views of the endless ocean, and seating for the stage spans three floors with a middle and upper balcony. The acts that perform here range from singing and dancing performances to comedy shows and circus-inspired trapeze acts. Despite the scale of the stage, you will feel like you are right in the middle of the performances — for instance, if you are seated on the upper balcony, you will be at eye level with the trapeze artists as they fly right above the guests seated on the first level. Truly breathtaking!

New Carnival Ship Activity: Bolt Roller Coaster at Sea

Bolt Sea Coaster on new Carnival ship, Carnival Celebration
Bolt Roller Coaster on Carnival Celebration

The Bolt Roller Coaster at Sea on Carnival Celebration is, as the name suggests, a freakin’ roller coaster at sea! You are seated on a cart that feels like sitting on a 4-wheeler flying high above the ocean below that whips around the top of the ship. While you are racing around the rails, you have the power to speed up with the push of a button, and can reach speeds up to 40 MPH. Not only is it fun to ride, but watching and listening to other passengers as they wizz across the sky throughout the day is a joy all by itself, and really lends to the lively atmosphere that we’ve come to expect from a new Carnival ship. At $15 for two laps around the track, this is an absolutely amazing experience that you will not want to miss.

That New Carnival Ship Magic

New Carnival ship, Carnival Celebration's aft pool
Aft pool and hot tubs on Carnival Celebration

While Carnival Celebration is a massive ship that can carry more than 5,000 guests, it is very easy to forget that you are on such a large ship with so many other people with the way the ship is put together. The lines for food, entertainment, and shopping move very quickly, adding to the feel of a much smaller ship. Pool locations and sizes are also well thought out and you can expect to get that small ship feel no matter which pool you choose to swim at. The state rooms also provide a lot of variation to meet your needs, from fold up shelves in the closet so you have room for whatever you might need to store, to spacious showers that allow you to actually move around, and even a variety of lighting options in case you wake up nursing a hangover!

Carnival Celebration’s Punchliner Comedy Club

Punchliners Comedy Club on new Carnival ship, Carnival Celebration
Punchliner Comedy Club

Who doesn’t love a good stand-up comedy show? The Punchliner Comedy Club is a great place to get a laugh and provides a lot of variety to meet your side-splitting needs. They will have multiple comedians there throughout your trip, sometimes with comedians cycling out part way through the voyage. If you are concerned that they will not be family-friendly, just know that some shows are adult-only while the rest are deemed appropriate for guests of all ages, so there is definitely something for everyone.

New Carnival Ship Dining Options & Performances

New Carnival ship, Carnival Celebration has Shaq's Big Chicken
Shaq’s Big Chicken Restaurant on Carnival Celebration

With every new Carnival ship comes a host of new dining options, and Carnival Celebration is no exception. The dining options here are insane, and we are not just talking about the specialty restaurants. We’re talking Guy’s Burger Joint, Guy’s Smokehouse, Shaq’s Big Chicken, Emeril’s Bistro 1397, Rudi’s Seagrill even the buffet is super delicious and impressively organized to avoid lines building up. You can also expect small performances during dining, with crew singing, performing, or just visiting to make sure that the entertainment never stops.

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