All-Inclusive Cruise Guide: Exploring Your Options for a Worry-Free Vacation

All inclusive cruise tips for your next cruise vacation.

You may think that you are saving money by booking the cheapest cruise ticket and forgoing your all-inclusive cruise options. But paying for everything a la carte is very likely to lead to overspending; at the very least, you will have to think about your budget for the whole trip, making it that much more difficult to unplug and unwind. From food and drinks to activities and excursions, there are a lot of things that you can pre-book and package with your ticket to save some cash and free your mind from worry. To transform your boring a-la-carte cruise to a liberating set-it-and-forget-it vacation, we’ve got a list of all-inclusive cruise tips to make your voyage completely stress free.

Beverage Packages Make a Great Addition to an All Inclusive Cruise

Women drinking at a bar onboard the ship men in background while ship is sailing

One of the first things to think about when considering an all-inclusive cruise is your drink package. If you are planning to drink a lot of alcohol during your cruise, then this can be a huge money saver, as those drinks will certainly add up when you are paying a la carte. Different cruise lines offer different perks and packages, so it is important to do your research so that you can pick the best one. Consider how much you typically like to drink and how many nights you will be staying to pick the right package. If you are not an alcohol drinker, you can still get a drink package that will cover soft drinks and specialty coffees, so it is still worth looking into. You can also ask a travel agent to do the research and explain your options, if you are feeling overwhelmed or want to ask them for any other all-inclusive cruise tips. Cruise lines will often offer better deals if you pre-book your package, so it is a good idea to pick your package early!

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Culinary Delights at Specialty Restaurants

Emeril Bistro people eating and standing talking
Emeril’s Bistro on Carnival’s Mardi Gras

For the next suggestion on our list of all-inclusive cruise tips, let’s talk about dining. Typically, cruise lines offer complimentary dining in addition to a la carte or prix fixe specialty restaurants. Whether or not you want to add dining to your all-inclusive cruise package is going to depend on whether you plan to eat at any of the specialty restaurants that are offered on board. Check the ships offerings when you book to decide if you want to try any of them or if the complimentary dining will be sufficient, and pre-book to secure your reservations if you go with the dining package. Specialty restaurants offer a wide variety of delicacies and unique experiences, so it is well worth considering your options.

 Spa and Wellness Packages for Relaxation

Man and woman getting massage with hot stones and relaxing laying on the table.

When you are taking an all-inclusive cruise, you are most likely looking to relax and pamper yourself. Most cruise ships offer spa and wellness services and you would be remiss to not look into your options for discounted rates with an all-inclusive package. The packages offered can range in a variety of combinations including treatments, access to thermal suites, and exclusive relaxation areas. Explore all of your options to decide what kind of pampering experience you would like, and don’t be afraid to try something new. Once again, pre-booking is the most crucial all-inclusive cruise tip, as it is a great way to get a discounted price and to make sure that you get your pick of reservation times.

Shore Excursions for Immersive Exploration

Group of people on boat in water with stingrays

While there are a lot of things to include in your all-inclusive cruise package for when you are on the ship, there are also shore excursions for when you arrive at a destination. Shore excursion packages can bundle together multiple activities and attractions, giving you the best chance to get as much as you can out of each port that you dock at. There are a lot of different types of shore excursions, including immersive cultural activities, outdoor adventures, and culinary tours, so pick excursions that cater to your interests to get the best value. By packaging things together and booking early, it may help you afford more personal excursions like private or small-group tours. This is another of our all-inclusive cruise tips that a travel agent at can help you with when you book!

Wi-Fi and Communication Packages for Staying Connected on Your All Inclusive Cruise

Prepurchase wifi for a more all inclusive cruise

Even though people generally take an all-inclusive cruise for the sake of getting away from the stresses of day to day life, most people still want to stay connected to some degree during their trip. For this, you will want to check with your cruise line to figure out what their internet connectivity options are, as you will most likely be going to places without cell service. Not all WiFi packages are created equal, and you will want to consider how much you are going to be using and pick an appropriate plan. Remember that any calls or texts you send in other countries will be considered long distance, but you can avoid those extra charges by hooking up to WiFi to send texts and make calls.

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