Bachelorette Party at Sea: Top 5 Reasons To Celebrate Your Bride Onboard

Bachelorette party on weekend cruise

Las Vegas, New York City, Miami Beach—these are all top choices when it comes to a destination bachelor and bachelorette party. But why host your party in one physical place when you can opt for a whirlwind weekend cruise and be whisked to several beautiful hotspots—all while enjoying the convenience and indulgence offered onboard? Let’s explore a few reasons why cruising will appeal to everyone in your prenuptial party.

Unbeatable Prices

Ask anyone who’s ever attended a bachelor or bachelorette party—they can get pricey. With a weekend cruise, you can reel in some of those costs, thanks to their all-inclusive nature. Just about everything is covered in your base fare, and extras can usually be tacked on for a flat fee, such as beverage packages (though they’re included with some cruise lines, such as Norwegian and Celebrity).

Since weekend cruises are shorter in duration, they offer lower pricing than your typical 5-day or 7-day cruise. Plus, if you have a lot of people in your party, there’s the opportunity for individuals to book cabins according to their own budgets and tastes. Penny-pinchers can book interior rooms while those who like to live large can upgrade to ocean-view or balcony cabins.

A Huge Variety of Dining and Drinking Options

Sampling different foods at an array of restaurants is one of the best ways to spend those leisurely days at sea. Plan mealtimes for all those attending your bachelorette or bachelor party, or let your guests graze freely at the times that make sense for them. Early birds can have a light breakfast after their morning workout, while those sleeping off a hangover can catch a brunch with drinks later on. (If you plan a dinner that brings everyone together, make sure to request a free cake—cruise lines often provide this perk on special occasions.)

Since each guest is responsible for their own drink package on the weekend cruise, those who imbibe lightly can simply pay as they go, while heartier partiers can buy a package that will cover all of their adult beverages for one flat rate.

Ultimate Convenience

Planning a raucous celebration with your closest pals always sounds like a blast, but too often, the little details (and each individual’s preferences) can easily get in the way. On a weekend cruise, everything you need for a good time is located right on the ship. No need to hunt for the perfect hotel, club, restaurant, etc. There are enough enticing options that it will be easy to get some consensus. And if not? There’s plenty to do for people who want to split up and do their own thing.

Amazing Destinations

For a typical bachelor or bachelorette party, you’d have to zero in on a single destination for your festivities. On a weekend cruise, you’ll visit several exciting destinations! Take, for example, the Bahamas cruises that depart from Florida. When you’re not sailing the open seas, you’ll be popping in at tropical islands brimming with white-sand beaches. Stop through the colorful city of Nassau, the sun-soaked island retreat of Freeport, or one of the cruise lines’ private islands, including Great Stirrup Cay, Castaway Cay, or CocoCay. Sail on Virgin Voyages and your stop at the Beach Club at Bimini will be the perfect party atmosphere to liven your weekend.

Award-Winning Entertainment

Entertainment is a must for a bachelorette or bachelor party—in fact, it’s hard to imagine a true pre-wedding bash without it. Cruise lines are known for their bevy of entertainment options, which go beyond the dance and musical performances you might be envisioning. From themed deck parties and interactive entertainment to drag queen shows and high-tech thrill games, there’s plenty to keep you and your crew spellbound. Best of all, since entertainment is included with your weekend cruise, you won’t be shelling out tons of cash to keep your bachelor or bachelorette party pumping.

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