Planning a Couples Cruise? Try These Cruise Lines

Check out the best cruise lines for a couples cruise

Whether for an anniversary, honeymoon, or simply the chance to reconnect, nothing beats a couples cruise when you want a romantic getaway that checks all the boxes. Aside from excellent dining, entertainment, and accommodations, you’ll have multiple destinations to explore. But not all couples cruises are made equal — choosing the right cruise line can ensure your cruising reality matches your cruising dreams. Let’s go into detail on what to expect from each cruise line, so you can be sure you’ll have the best couples cruise ever.

For Romance: Princess Cruises

For mellow cruises with the tranquility and privacy you crave, Princess Cruises is tops. Its legacy is long-lasting—in fact, the cruise line provided the primary setting for the popular romantic comedy series “The Love Boat,” and it continues that tradition with the new reality series “The Real Love Boat,” where singles sail around the Mediterranean looking for love.

Couples have long enjoyed this cruise line for its cozy staterooms, excellent nightly live entertainment, outstanding dining experiences, and second-to-none service. And it’s no secret that older cruisers consider Princess the best couples cruise host.

For an Elegant Yet Fun Getaway: Celebrity Cruises

Here’s a little-known secret: Celebrity Cruises actually caters to couples rather than families. That means most of the spaces onboard have been designed with romantic trips in mind.

Onboard a Celebrity ship, you can dine with your partner at upscale restaurants with impressive menus and eye-catching wine lists. When you’re not exploring your destinations together, you can lie back together on a double bed on the pool deck or in the solarium. You’ll have fun, of course, but you’ll also have plenty of those magical moments that take a couples cruise to the next level.

For Adventurous Couples: Royal Caribbean Cruises

Not every couple wants to spend hours lovingly gazing into each other’s eyes. Some bond through unique experiences and active challenges. For those couples, Royal Caribbean is a no-brainer. This cruise line is known for thrilling onboard experiences, including a surf simulator, a skydiving simulator, rock climbing, ziplining, the North Star observation capsule, escape rooms, water slides, and laser tag for starters!

And it’s not just onboard activities that can appease adventurous couples. Out-of-this-world dining experiences such as Wonderland (the Alice in Wonderland-themed restaurant) and Teppanyaki (Japanese food paired with showmanship) are anything but dull. And no couples cruise would be complete without entertainment. Luckily, Royal Caribbean dazzles with ice shows, AquaTheater shows, and Broadway musicals.

For the Laid-Back Couple: Norwegian Cruise Line

Not a big believer that a couples cruise has to be planned and strategized down to the minute? For couples who like to go with the flow, Norwegian Cruise Line is perfect. Freestyle dining means eating when and where you want to. Promotions like Free at Sea give you access to free drinks, specialty dining, WiFi, shore excursions, and more, so there’s less to think about and more to enjoy. And NCL is known for their chic adults-only spaces, so you and your honey can enjoy some much-needed peace and quiet.

For the Couple on a Budget: Carnival Cruises

Having a smaller budget doesn’t mean you have to forgo a romantic vacation. Carnival Cruises is a budget-friendly cruise line that’s a ton of fun for adults looking to save some bucks. And you won’t have a downgraded experience by any means.

Check out the celebrity-inspired dining options, including restaurants by Guy Fieri, Emeril Lagasse, Rudi Sodamin, and even Shaq! When you’re looking for low-key moments, head to Serenity Retreat, the 21-and-up outdoor space where you can relax and recline under the sun. And for an upcharge you can celebrate your honeymoon or anniversary with a little something special, from decorations in your room to champagne to treats like cookie plates or heart-shaped cakes.

For the Couple Without Kids: Virgin Voyages

The secret to Virgin Voyages’ success with younger adults is that their cruises are catered to the 18-and-up crowd only. That creates the perfect environment for couples who want to reconnect without the noise and rowdiness of little ones. For the most part, you’ll dine, drink, and rub elbows with 20-something and 30-something couples. And you’ll never get bored of the dining options. Since specialty restaurants are included, you get to try different cuisines every night.

For those moments when you need a break from indulging, you and your partner can take advantage of an array of free fitness classes—or simply spend a few soothing hours in the spa.

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