Cruise Cabins: Which Class is Right for You?

Balcony cruise cabins are popular rooms on a cruise.
Infinite Veranda (Balcony) Stateroom on Celebrity Beyond

Not all cruise cabins are created equal! You will notice when booking a cruise that you are given many different options for your accommodations, and they come with a variety of different price tags. It’s up to you what kind of cruise you want to book. Do you prefer a room with a view? Are you okay with something smaller without any natural light? Or maybe you like to live the life of luxury and want only the best rooms on a cruise! Selecting the best room for your voyage can be essential to having the cruise experience that you want, so it is important to know what the different types of rooms are and what are the perks of each. In this article, we will break down the different types of rooms that you will find on any major cruise ship.

Balcony Rooms

Balcony cruise cabins are popular rooms on a cruise.
Balcony room on the Norwegian Prima

The most popular of all cruise cabins (and coincidentally, the type we would recommend you book) are balcony rooms. As the name suggests, the feature that distinguishes these rooms from other rooms on a cruise is that they come with a private balcony coming out of your state room for you to enjoy. You may get a table with a couple of chairs, or perhaps a lounge chair or two if size allows for it, but either way you are guaranteed a relaxing spot to admire the view free from the distractions of other guests. Balcony rooms can accommodate 2 to 4 guests, and do typically cost a bit more than most other room types. That being said, they are usually still pretty affordable and well worth the extra cost.


Suites and balcony cruise cabins are popular rooms on a cruise.
The Ultimate Family Suite on Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas

Venturing into the most splurge worthy rooms on a cruise, suites are the top accommodations on any given ship, and come in many different sizes and price ranges. While most ships offer suites as the highest class of accommodations, some luxury cruise lines will only have suites available. Smaller sized suites are typically similar to balcony rooms, but with a bit more space and a larger balcony than standard cruise cabins have. Larger suites can include multiple bedrooms, living and dining areas, and potentially some next level luxury features. The most extravagant suites can include things like a hot tub on the balcony or even butler service! 

Oceanview Cruise Cabins

Oceanview cruise cabins are popular rooms on a cruise.
Oceanview cruise cabin on Carnival Mardi Gras

An oceanview room is a cruise cabin that is very similar to a balcony room, just without the balcony. Instead, you will get a window or porthole providing you with a view of the ocean. The size of the window varies ship to ship, and you will not be able to open the window for fresh air, but it does allow for some natural light in your cabin. Just like most other rooms on a cruise, oceanview rooms will accommodate 2 to 4 people, and are best for travelers who want to be able to admire the view from their room, but don’t want to shell out the cash for one of the more expensive options.

Interior Cruise Cabins

Interior cruise cabins are popular rooms on a cruise.
Celebrity Edge interior cruise cabin

Finally, the most stripped down and least expensive of all rooms on a cruise is an interior cabin, also sometimes referred to as an inside room. These are the rooms that line the inside of a ship and don’t have any outside facing wall for a window or balcony. Some rooms will include something like the virtual balconies that you can find on a Royal Caribbean ship, but for the most part you will have venture to the public areas if you’re looking for some natural light. While this is obviously the least appealing of all cruise cabins, the truth of the matter is that you will very likely not be spending all that much time in your cabin, with everything there is to do on a cruise. So there is really no shame in saving a few bucks and spending that money elsewhere during your voyage!

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