Cruise Wedding: How to Plan Your Perfect Wedding at Sea

Image of a wedding at sea. The bride and groom are celebrating their cruise wedding.

Ahoy, lovebirds! Are you ready for a wedding at sea that will make waves of excitement? Picture this: a cruise wedding ceremony surrounded by the vast ocean, breathtaking destinations, and non-stop fun. A wedding is a momentous occasion that calls for a unique and memorable celebration. For couples seeking an extraordinary experience, having a cruise wedding offers the perfect blend of romance, adventure, and luxury. Get ready for a quick and quirky guide on how to plan the most epic wedding at sea.

Choose the Perfect Cruise Line and Ship For Your Wedding at Sea

Time to channel your inner explorer and find the cruise line and ship that tickle your fancy. Start by researching different cruise lines and ships to find the one that aligns with your vision and requirements. Consider factors such as onboard amenities, destination options, wedding packages, and available dates. Look for cruise lines that specialize in weddings or have dedicated cruise wedding coordinators to assist you throughout the planning process. Having trouble deciding? That’s what the travel experts at are here for! We can help you choose the best cruise line and ship for your wedding at sea if you are torn between all of the different options.

Trim the Guest List, Pump Up the Fun

Whether you want an intimate ceremony or an all-out extravaganza, choose a package that suits your style and budget. Remember, a cruise wedding often includes a set number of guests, but you can always add more for an extra splash of fun.

Select The Right Itinerary for Your Wedding at Sea

Cruise weddings offer the opportunity to combine your wedding celebration with a breathtaking destination. Check out the itineraries and choose one that floats your boat. Do you fancy exploring exotic islands, dazzling beaches, or cultural hotspots? Keep in mind the duration of the cruise and the exciting ports of call to make your wedding voyage an unforgettable adventure.

Cruise Wedding Planner Extraordinaire

In addition to your amazing travel agent that will be there to help you along the way, most cruise lines provide dedicated cruise wedding coordinators to help you plan and execute your special day! They’ll be your trusty first mate, navigating the planning process for your cruise wedding with ease. From paperwork to legalities, they’ve got your back. Reach out to them early on to discuss your wildest dreams, ceremony ideas, reception must-haves, and any crazy customizations you desire.

Spice Up Your Cruise Wedding Package

Cruise lines typically offer a range of cruise wedding packages to suit various tastes and budgets. These packages often include essential elements such as the ceremony venue, officiant, wedding cake, floral arrangements, photography, and sometimes even a reception. Tailor your package by adding extras like live music, professional makeup and hair services, videography, or themed decorations to make your wedding uniquely yours.

Float with Your Crew

Let your guests know about the upcoming nuptials so they can hoist the anchor and join you on this wild adventure. Give them plenty of time to prepare their sea legs and secure their cabins. Coordinate with the to secure a block of cabins for your guests, ensuring they are accommodated close to each other for convenience. Consider offering group rates or negotiating special perks for your wedding guests.

Get ready for a pre-wedding and post-wedding fiesta! Plan a welcome party to kick off your wedding at sea and get everyone in the mood to have a great time. Plan group excursions at the ports of call or even a farewell brunch for the ultimate bonding experience. It’s time to make memories that will rock the boat!

Set Sail on Your Dream Cruise Wedding

This is it—the big day! Personalize your cruise wedding ceremony and reception to reflect your unique love story. Get creative with rituals, write heartfelt vows, and choose music that makes your heart sing. Sprinkle the reception with your special touch, from custom decorations to mood-setting lighting. Bon voyage and congratulations on finding your happily ever after at sea!

A wedding at sea is like catching a shooting star—you’ll have a blast, and the memories will twinkle forever! So, chart your course, gather your crew, and let help you plan your cruise wedding the smart way. We give you our exclusive bonus offers and all qualifying cruise line offers, plus all of the cruise line loyalty program benefits. Book online at for the largest selection of cruise line deals or call 800-288-6006 today.

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