Cruises for Toddlers: Which Cruise Line is Right For You?

Royal Caribbean is perfect for cruises for toddlers.

When taking a family vacation with a very young child, it is incredibly important to know which are the best cruises for toddlers. There are a lot of things to compare, from amenities to attractions, that can be difficult to figure out going through each cruise line one by one. You’ve probably thought to check if they have any daycare services, but have you considered if the entertainment will be suitable for the whole family? Cruises have a wide variety of dining options, but will they be ready to deal with your pickiest eaters? To answer these questions and more, we’ve got 5 of the best family-friendly cruise lines to help you along your path to taking a cruise with a toddler!

Disney Cruise Line

Boy and girl eating breakfast with Mini Mouse and dad

It probably comes as no surprise that Disney Cruise Line would be at the top of a list of the best cruises for toddlers, as the Disney brand is one of the most well loved by kids and parents alike. Disney knows their audience comes in any and every age group, and their entertainment and child-care options are perfect for a cruise with a toddler. That means age-specific Kids Clubs so your toddlers will be with other kids their own age, family-friendly Broadway-style shows and movie screenings, and dedicated nurseries to take care of the littlest of kids. The Disney magic is sure to excite your toddlers with immersive themes across the ship and beloved Disney characters that your little ones can meet and take pictures with. And lots not forget flexible dining menus that are designed to please both parents and kiddies alike!

Royal Caribbean International

Boy and girl playing in the play room with toys and blocks and balls

Next up, we’ve got Royal Caribbean, which offers adventures, play areas, and attractions that are tailor-made for parents who want to cruise with a toddler. To help you create lasting memories with your little ones, they provide family-friendly shore excursions, splash decks where you can have fun in the sun with your kids, and kid-friendly menus to keep the whole family happy. If you need a break from parenting for an afternoon, you can send your tiny tikes to the Royal Babies & Tots Nursery for one-on-one attention, or to the Adventure Ocean Youth Program which has engaging activities for kids of all ages. As a cherry on top, they also have recognizable characters from DreamWorks for parades, shows, and meet-and-greets, solidifying their place as one of the best cruises for toddlers.

Carnival Cruise Line

Girl on waterslide with mom in water.

Taking a Carnival cruise is like attending an endless circus at sea, so it is easy to see why they have some of the best cruises for toddlers. As you would expect, they have a range of activities and entertainment that are intended to be fun for the whole family, such as family-friendly shows and performances, water parks, and fun games like mini golf. Kids love the Build-A-Bear workshop, which makes for the perfect souvenir, and the Dr. Seuss-themed activities, character parades, and story times. But a cruise with a toddler doesn’t have to be all about the toddler. When it is time to get some alone time without the little ones, drop them off at Camp Ocean, the supervised play area that is offered for younger cruisers. If you want to have an evening to yourself, the Night Owls Program offers late night group babysitting, so you will always be covered.

Norwegian Cruise Line

NCL has great cruises for toddlers

Norwegian might not be the first cruise line that you think of when booking cruises for toddlers, but that is a misconception that we are here to change. The main family-friendly attractions here include the spectacular circus show called Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy, the splash zones for fun water games, and the areas to play sports with the little ones such as mini golf. For a fun family night together, they have entertainment like theatrical performances and game shows you can actually play in. Of course you wouldn’t want to take a cruise with a toddler if there wasn’t some kind of child-care available, and for that they have Splash Academy for toddlers to teens, as well as Guppies Nursery for toddlers and babies. Flexible dining times and menus make it easy to keep your kids well fed and happy, neatly tying the bow on one of the best cruises for kids out there!

MSC Cruises

Baby girl with pigtails sitting with toys in cruise playroom

Our last pick for the best cruises for toddlers is the luxurious and cutting-edge ships of MSC Cruises. Everything you could want for a cruise with a toddler is here, from the Baby Club for kids under 3 years old, to the buffet dining that is perfect for picky eaters. You’re little ones will love the LEGO Experience, which includes LEGO-themed play areas and events for your kids to enjoy. They will also get the chance to play with the most modern and educational toys, selected by the Osservatorio Chicco, Baby Research Center. You will get to play with your kids in the Aqua Park and various splash zones, and can even go on family-friendly shore excursions once you’ve reached your destination. MSC prides itself on being on the frontier of new innovations, and you can be sure that they will bring that same energy to their family-friendly attractions and events!

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