New York Cruises: What Destinations Do They Sail To?

New York cruises with the Statue of Liberty leaving harbor for sea

There are many amazing cruise destinations all over the Atlantic, which give New York cruises a lot of variety for their itineraries. If you are planning to take a cruise starting in NYC, you can head up to Canada, all the way down past Florida, or even across the Atlantic over to Europe. If you are a New York local, you’ve got plenty of options for places to cruise to without having to fly to another state to catch your cruise. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve got the rundown on where you can go on cruises from New York (or in some cases, from Bayonne, NJ right outside of NYC).

New York Cruises to The Caribbean

New York cruises to the Caribbean seeing the islands from sea

Typically, when you think of taking a Caribbean cruise, you would expect it to be leaving from somewhere on the Gulf of Mexico. But some New York cruises also make the journey down to the West Indies, which can save locals the hassle of having to travel down South to catch a cruise. A cruise from New York to the Caribbean will typically be a little on the longer side, with most ranging from 10-12 nights, although you will be able to find both longer and shorter trips as well. Norwegian, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and MSC all sail regularly to the Caribbean from NYC, with Princess Cruises and some luxury cruise lines offering voyages from time to time as well.

Cruise from New York to Bermuda

Cruises to Bermuda from New York with cruise ship and pink sandy beaches

If you are looking for a cruise destination a little closer to home, going from New York to Bermuda is a natural fit. Here, you can experience many of the same appealing aspects of a Caribbean vacation, such as sunny skies and pristine beaches, without having to take such a long voyage to get there. Because it is so much closer, most itineraries are shorter as well, ranging from 4 to 7 nights. If you can’t decide between the two, fear not; there are a number of voyages that stop by Bermuda on the way to the Caribbean. Norwegian, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and MSC regularly offer New York cruises that go to Bermuda, with Disney also making the trip on occasion.

Majestic Canada and New England

New York cruises to Canada and New England with lighthouse and ship at sea

Right along the very same coast that NYC calls home is a slew of picturesque destinations that are perfect for Northern-bound New York cruises. These destinations can be great to visit in the warmer months for their beaches and summer events, but they really shine in the fall when the leaves start to change. Ports like Portland, Halifax, Bar Harbor, and Boston are great for experiencing the beautiful colors that mark the changing of the seasons, and a cruise from New York is the best way to visit them all. Norwegian, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Disney, and MSC all offer cruises up to the Great White North, and most sailings featured are around a week long.

Bahamas and Florida

New York cruises to Bahamas island

For even more great fun-in-the-sun style cruises from New York, consider a voyage down to Florida and the Bahamas. These sailings, offered by Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and MSC, are typically shorter than the cruises that go all the way to the Caribbean and are great for a week-long getaway. The sunny shores of Florida and the tranquil waters of the Bahamas offer a good variety when visited back to back and compliment each other well during a single cruise. Some cruise lines even have their own private islands that you can only visit by taking one of their cruises, so it is a great opportunity to visit a place you won’t get to see any other time.

Transatlantic New York Cruises

New York cruises with ship and city buildings

We’ve covered all areas you could go on a cruise from New York in the Americas from Canada to the Caribbean, which means there’s only one more place to go; across the pond! There’s something especially thrilling about a transatlantic cruise. Trips across the ocean generally take around a week just to go one way, so you can expect voyages to be pretty long. Plus you get to experience many different cultures that are very different from our own, like those of Iceland, Ireland, England, Greenland, Spain, Portugal, and France. You can book one of these cruises with Celebrity, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and MSC, and they are well worth taking a couple of weeks off for. There are even pet-friendly cruises offered by Cunard on board the Queen Mary 2!

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