Solo Cruises: Why Cruising Solo is a Great Choice

Solo cruises are a popular way to travel

Solo cruises are more popular now than they have ever been, thanks to the growing number of intrepid travelers of all ages drawn to the fun of this style of travel. You get accommodations, meals, and activities—not to mention trips to several destinations—all for one price. And you’ll never have to dine, play, or explore alone if you don’t want to! With so many potential new friends onboard, you can make connections that will last a lifetime.

The Many Benefits of Solo Cruises

Solo cruising allows you to customize your experience to fit your preferences. Craving some alone time? No problem. Prefer to mingle with other solo travelers and make new friends? That’s easy too. Cruise ships offer a ton of variety for designing just the trip you need.

Perfect for social butterflies, singles receptions and gatherings hosted by cruise lines can help you meet other travelers onboard. For mealtimes, you can be seated with other solo cruisers.  Some cruise lines also host bar crawls or happy hours for those going on it alone.

Whether you want to enjoy “me-time” or meet people with similar interests, cruising gives you access to a bevy of onboard activities and shore excursions. Go for a soothing spa treatment, then treat yourself to a shopping session. Snorkel under the tropical sun with new friends and then hang out on a white-sand beach. The sky’s the limit!

Cabin Sharing Vs. Solo Cabins

Solo cruisers have several options for accommodations. If you want your own cabin, you’re typically required to pay a single supplement, an extra charge for booking a cabin normally shared by at least two people. This can range from 10% to 100% of the cabin fare, depending on the cruise line, the ship, and any promotions.

Looking to save some money? Cruise lines can help pair you up with a same-sex single traveler to share a cabin and split your accommodations costs.

Another option is to book a studio cabin specifically designed for just one traveler. Not all cruise ships offer this option, but some of the newer, larger ships do. Norwegian, Celebrity, and Royal Caribbean boast lots of impressive studio options.

Which Cruises Are Best for Solo Travelers?

Finding the best cruises for solo travelers isn’t hard when you have the right professional on your side. The dedicated cruise experts at can help you decide between a mega-ship for high-octane fun or a smaller ship for a more intimate experience. Norwegian Cruises, for example, might be the best bet for single cruisers, with single cabin options and no single supplement charge. We’re happy to go over all of your options! Call on one of our experts to help create the trip you envision and learn more about solo cruising and the best ships, destinations, and cruise lines.

Ready to check out your options for solo cruises? Head over to – we’ll help you book the smart way. We give you our exclusive bonus offers, plus all qualifying cruise line offers, plus all of the cruise line loyalty program benefits. Book online at or call 800-288-6006 today.

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