Travel Agents Offer You So Much More Than Booking Direct

Booking with a travel agent will get you the most perks

Thanks to the internet and its infinite resources, cruisers today are savvier than they’ve ever been. For that reason, some may be tempted to go directly to the cruise line of their choice when they’re ready to book their next sailing. Though it may seem like booking direct would be the easiest, most straightforward choice, there are a plethora of reasons why a good cruise travel agent is better equipped to design your perfect ocean-bound vacation. We’ll review a few of the most important reasons below.

You Get You the Best Prices

Simply put, cruise travel agents have access to special pricing that you, as an individual, will never be offered if you book on your own. Cruise lines depend on travel agents, and through their special partnerships, they’re able to give special discounts to agents who will pass them on to you.

When you work with an agent, your satisfaction is the highest priority, which is why the agent will work to get you a rate you’re thrilled with. 

You Get Hooked Up with Exclusive Perks

Not only do cruise travel agents have the lowdown on the best prices, they have the most eye-popping deals up their sleeves too. And we’re not just talking the deals that the cruise lines are offering to everyone, which include things like onboard credit that you can use to pamper yourself during your trip. When you book with, we are always able to get you more!

An agent at, for example, gets you everything the cruise line offers PLUS your choice of onboard spending, a prepaid Visa card, or cash back — up to either $1500 or $2000 depending on your choice. If you book direct, you won’t be able to take advantage of this exclusive cruise offer. And who like to miss out on free money?

They’ll Be More Objective in Helping You Weigh Your Choices

When you go straight to a particular cruise line to book your cruise, your only options for sailings are whatever that company has in its roster. If there’s a very specific ship or destination you want, and the cruise line doesn’t offer it, you’re out of luck.

A cruise travel agent, on the other hand, will present a wide array of options for you from which cruise line, room type, and itinerary will best fit your needs. You’ll get to browse the agent’s whole repository of choices from varying cruise lines. That makes it much more likely that you’ll be able to pinpoint the perfect sailing for you in exactly the right price range.

And since the travel agent operates independently, there’s no reason he or she wouldn’t be upfront with you in answering your questions, weighing certain pros and cons, and filling you in on what you can expect from your sailing.

They Help You Navigate the Intricacies of Booking

Even avid cruisers can be easily confused by the terms and concepts that come with cruising. From port fees and expenses to understanding which room type is best for you, there’s a lot to keep up with.

When you have a travel agent as your advocate and guide, you’ll never feel left in the dark. He or she is equipped to advise you on the best itinerary to fit your vacation preferences and how to pick the best cruise offer. Best of all, this professional acts as your advocate and will do the heavy lifting by communicating with the cruise line (which can often have long wait times on the consumer end) should you need to make any additional changes to your reservation like adding on extras. Our travel agents are available 24/7, 365 days a year to help make sure your vacation is planned seamlessly.

Book smart and get your choice of a FREE bonus offer when you book with instead of booking directly with the cruise line. Our travel agents give you our exclusive bonus offers, plus all qualifying cruise line offers, plus all of the cruise line loyalty program benefits. Book online at or call one of our travel agents at 800-288-6006 today.

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