Free at Sea with Norwegian Cruise Line Will Get You All The Best Perks

Free at Sea cocktail on Norwegian Cruise Line

Everyone likes to get something for free. With the Free at Sea promotion from Norwegian Cruise Line, you get more than just a freebie or two — you get a whole host of perks, from complimentary dining offers to free airfare! It’s not uncommon for Norwegian Cruise Line to throw in a bonus or two, but with the special “Take All” promotion, you bag every freebie they have on offer. And that adds up to a lot of money saved over the course of a cruise. However, you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled and be ready to book this incredible deal once it appears, as it’s hands-down the best offer you’ll find for Norwegian cruises. So what exactly can you get as part of Free at Sea? Let’s review.

Free Unlimited Open Bar

This is a huge deal on any cruise, since receiving a hefty bar tab at the end of your sailing is a major buzzkill. With the free unlimited open bar you get as part of Free at Sea, you can imbibe to your heart’s content and enjoy a huge selection of everything from spirits and cocktails to wine and beer (at the $15 and under price point). Soft drinks are also included. That amounts to a savings of up $1,400! And it applies to guests 1-8 on the reservation.

Free Dining Package

Eating is a huge part of any cruise, and this perk gives you access to free meals at specialty dining venues, which take the onboard culinary experience up a notch. Save up to $180 while enjoying unique flavors, impeccable service, and memorable presentations. How much you save depends on your stateroom and the length of your cruise (for instance, a three-to-six-night cruise gets you one free specialty meal), and keep in mind you’re still responsible for 20% gratuities on the package.

Free Shore Excursions

As much fun as it is to enjoy your floating resort, getting immersed in your itinerary’s ports of call is a must. With this Free at Sea perk, you save $50 per stateroom through shore excursion credits applied to the first guest on the reservation’s onboard account. Our travel agents are happy to assist you in booking your excursions when you are ready.

Free Wi-Fi

Staying connected is important on a cruise — how else will you brag about your adventures to your friends and family back home? This Free at Sea perk gives you an internet package that allows you to use Wi-Fi for a certain amount of time. For example, you’d get 75 minutes per person for a three-to-six-day cruise and up to 300 minutes per person for a cruise of 12 days or longer. Should you opt to upgrade, you’ll get a credit toward your new package instead.

Be aware of the various caveats that come with this package, though: The offer only applies to the first and second guest in the stateroom, so you’ll get a maximum of two logins. And Wi-Fi can only be used on one device at a time. Streaming isn’t allowed, so stick to checking your email or social media. Also, the internet package isn’t available when you’re at Great Stirrup Cay or Harvest Caye.

Free 3rd and 4th Guests

This Free at Sea perk comes in handy when you’d like to bring a few friends or family members along for the adventure. The offer is valid when guests 3 and 4 share a room with guests 1 and 2 who are paying full fare. Conveniently, no deposit is required for guests 3 and 4. Be aware this perk is only valid on select sailings, and dates are subject to change at any time without notice. Also, guests 5 through 8 on a reservation will still have to pay the required fares.

Free Airfare

Here’s a perk you certainly don’t see every day: Pay airfare for one guest and you’ll automatically lock in round trip flights for two. So how does this work? Norwegian Cruise Line’s air program is offered to more than 200 gateways in the U.S and Canada and includes all major airlines and alliances. To make things convenient, we can arrange flights that arrive or depart a day or two before or after your cruise. That means you can take your time getting ready to embark or tack on an extra vacation day at your departure or arrival point.

Booking while Norwegian Cruise Line’s “Take All” promotion is available is a smart idea indeed. Want to see all for your choices for Norwegian cruises in one place? Visit — we can help you cruise the smart way! We give you our exclusive bonus offers and all qualifying Norwegian Cruise Line offers, plus all of the Latitudes Rewards loyalty program benefits. Book online at or call 800-288-6006 today.

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  1. Do you need to pay gratuity on drinks.That could really add up if you don’t know it.Been on over 40 cruises but never Norwegian.

    1. Guests are responsible for 20% gratuities on the retail value of the Unlimited Open Bar Package. You will not pay gratuities per drink but instead just on the monetary value of the package.

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