Norwegian Aqua: Breaking Down NCL’s Next Big Launch

Norwegian Aqua is the new Norwegian ship launching in 2025.

Norwegian is releasing another new cruise ship in 2025, with the launch of Norwegian Aqua. This will be the third ship in the Prima class, which launched its first ship in 2022. However, this new Norwegian ship boasts a few new features to set it apart from its counterparts, including larger staterooms and a new water coaster that is the first of its kind. Whether you are an avid cruiser or a first-time voyager, there is plenty here to get excited about. To learn what’s new with Norwegian Aqua, read on as we breakdown all the best features of NCL’s next upcoming cruise liner.

Onboard Norwegian Aqua

The game of trying to outclass other cruise ships with new and exciting onboard experiences continues with each new Norwegian ship, and the Aqua will bring the competition with a mix of new and returning attractions. Prominently featured on the top deck of the ship, the Aqua Slidecoaster is being described as the world’s first hybrid rollercoaster and waterslide to be featured on a cruise ship. This wild ride seats two people in dueling slides that launch you and a friend through twists and turns at breakneck speed around the top of the ship, and it is sure to please thrill-seekers of all ages.

Other experiences onboard Norwegian Aqua include water attractions like the Aqua Park, two infinity hot tubs, an infinity edge pool, and an expanded pool deck around the main pool. Athletic cruisers will want to check out the glow court, a very stylish LED basketball court that is designed for immersive play. For a more thrilling experience, take The Drop down 10-stories on a slide that hangs off the side of the ship. Or for a relaxing activity, adults can hang out at Vibe Beach Club, an 18 and up luxurious private retreat where you can sip on a cocktail and enjoy the stunning views from the top of the ship.

Stateroom Accommodations & The Haven

Norwegian Aqua takes stateroom luxury to the next level with the largest accommodations of their entire fleet. Even the smallest rooms offer 24-hour room service, stylish and calming décor, and everything you’ll need to refresh and recharge each day. Studio rooms offer the perfect accommodations for solo travelers, while other rooms can accommodate up to 4 people.  For guests staying in suites, you will also get preferential booking for dining and entertainment, complimentary sparkling wine, memory foam mattresses, and complimentary laundry and pressing services.

But for the best accommodations on this new Norwegian ship, you’ll want to book a suite at The Haven. Suites at this top-tier, luxury retreat can accommodate up to 8 people and comes with 24-hour butler service. If you stay here, you will gain access to an exclusive restaurant and lounge, a private hot tub and sundeck, and exclusive breakfasts and lunches. Experience real VIP status with priority embarkation and disembarkation with a personal escort on and off the ship. You will even get to enjoy a private cocktail party with the ship’s officers. If you can shell out the extra cash for this luxury experience, then you and your party will truly know what Norwegian Aqua has to offer.

Norwegian Aqua’s Itineraries

For its first year on the sea, Norwegian Aqua will be sailing from New York, Orlando, or Miami to Bermuda and various Caribbean destinations. Sail from New York to the Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda on cruises that last 5 to 7 days to experience more of Aqua’s onboard offerings. Or depart from Orlando on a 5-port tour of the Caribbean to the Bahamas, the US Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, and the Dominican Republic for a more destination focused cruise experience. The variety of itineraries offered in the first year of sailing ensure that everyone will be able to enjoy this new Norwegian ship regardless of their cruising preferences. Just remember that booking early can lock in a better price before it goes up as the date approaches!

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