What Cruise Restaurant Should I Dine At?

While we love a good dinner in the main dining room, its sometimes nice to switch it up and try one of the specialty restaurants on board. From French to Mexican to Italian and even more it can be hard to choose which restaurant might be right for you. Some are known for the unforgettable experiences that come with it while others are known for the amazing culinary offerings. Undecided on which one to try first? Take our quiz to find out which specialty dining restaurant you should dine at on your next cruise!

You’re going on a road trip. What are you doing?

1. Napping
2. I’m the DJ
3. Sight seeing
4. Driving

What’s for dinner tonight?

Rotisserie chicken
Breakfast for dinner!

Pick a color.

Who are you dining with?

1. My kids
2. My significant other
3. Friends
4. My whole family

Pick a plate.

Pick a landmark to visit.

Choose a show to binge.

1. Chopped
2. Friends
3. Greys Anatomy
4. Stranger Things

What’s your favorite cruise line?

Royal Caribbean
Norwegian Cruise Line
Celebrity Cruises

All 8 questions completed!

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What Cruise Restaurant Should I Dine At?

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