What Type of Cruiser Are You?

Whether you’re a first-time cruiser or a veteran to the high seas, this is the perfect quiz for you. When you take a look around your cruise ship you will notice there are many types of cruisers. Have you ever wondered what type of cruiser you are and where you fit in with the mix? Tell us a little bit about your cruise habits and we’ll tell you what type of cruiser you are.

You open up your suitcase onboard. What is the first thing you see?

Jeans and a t-shirt
A bathing suit
My favorite sundress
Formal night attire

Time for a cocktail – what’s your drink of choice?

Pina Colada
A glass of the finest champagne
Espresso martini

Time for dinner – where are you dining?

Room service
The buffet
The finest specialty dining restaurant
The main dining room

Where are you sailing to?


Which cruise line are you sailing with?

Norwegian Cruise Line
Royal Caribbean
Celebrity Cruises
Carnival Cruise Line

Which stateroom best suits you?


What’s your ideal night out on the ship?

Seeing the hottest Broadway show
Finding the best desserts on board
Hitting Blackjack
Moonlight movie on the pool deck

How much time are you spending at the pool?

None at all
Depends on if there are water slides
Sun up to sun down
I’m just there for the drink of the day at the pool bar

All 8 questions completed!

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What Type of Cruiser Are You?

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