Beaches in Bermuda: Our Picks For the Best on the Island

Horseshoe Bay is one of the bet beaches in Bermuda to visit on Bermuda cruises
Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda

The beaches in Bermuda are world renowned for their immaculate sand and pristine waters. Some are well known and very popular, while others are off the beaten path but still gorgeous. But on any cruise to Bermuda, you’ve got a limited amount of time and you’ll want to choose wisely to see the best beaches. After all, while any beach is a treat, they are not all created equal! To make your cruise planning just a little bit easier, we’ve got a few of the best beaches in Bermuda that you are guaranteed to love.

Horseshoe Bay

We start with the iconic Horseshoe Bay, which is a common stop for those who take Bermuda cruises. The stunning blush-pink sand and turquoise water are undeniably picturesque, and make it easily one of the top beaches in Bermuda. Whether you’re planning to swim or snorkel in the crystal clear water, or just take a load off and relax on the soft sand, this beach is the perfect spot. Plus, with a snack bar located right on site, you won’t have to venture far for a refreshing drink or a delicious sandwich.

For families with little children, be sure to check out Port Royal Cove. This enclosed bay has calmer waves, making it the perfect spot for kids to splash around and play safely. Older kids will love it too as the caves surrounding it are perfect for (safe) exploration. No matter what your age or interests, Horseshoe Bay is a destination that you simply cannot miss. The beach can be easily reached by taking a bus or taxi from the cruise pier, making it an easy choice for passengers on Bermuda cruises.

Elbow Beach

Elbow Beach is another great stop for anyone who takes Bermuda cruises. This impressive beach stretches for almost 1.5 kilometers along the Southeastern coast of Bermuda, leading away from Elbow Beach Resort. With reefs located close to the shore, the water here is calmer, making it ideal for activities such as paddleboarding, snorkeling, and kayaking. 

In addition to its natural beauty, one of the great things about Elbow Beach is its convenience. It is the closest of all the beaches in Bermuda to the city of Hamilton, meaning you won’t have to travel far if your cruise makes port there. Whether you’re looking for a day of relaxation or an adventure-packed day of water sports, Elbow Beach is the perfect spot.

Tobacco Bay Beach

Our next beach isn’t just one of the best beaches in Bermuda, it is arguably the best place to go snorkeling on the whole island. Located in St. Goerge’s on the east side of the island, Tobacco Bay Beach has a lot of history rooted in the colonial era. During the Gunpowder Plot of 1775, Bermuda locals assisted American revolutionaries in stealing a bunch of gunpowder from the Brits stationed on the island. Today, it is a favorite spot for cruisers who take Bermuda cruises that make port at St. George’s.

This amazing beach has a lot more to offer than just history and snorkeling though. The Tobacco Bay Beach Bar & Restaurant is very popular with tourists as a place to grab a bite or a drink in between dips. The calm waters of the lagoon are surrounded by interesting rock formations that make for a great backdrop for photos. At night, you can even expect bonfires and live music, so make a day of it and see what makes this one of the best beaches in Bermuda.

Warwick Long Bay

Warwick Long Bay has the honor of being the longest of all beaches in Bermuda. In addition to having a lot of space to spread out in, it is also less visited than many other beaches in Bermuda, so it is an ideal spot to get away from other travelers. Here you can enjoy pink sands and clear waters in peace and solitude, making it the best place to lay out in the sun or spend the day finding the best spots for a selfie. 

One thing to be aware of is that there are no concessions around here and nowhere to rent equipment for water sports, so make sure you come prepared with everything you will need to enjoy your stay. But with pristine waters, wide open sand bars, and trails that lead to nearby beaches that are good for a hike, you won’t need much to have a good time. 

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