Bermuda Cruise To-do List: Everything You Don’t Want to Miss!

Cruise to Bermuda to see magnificent pink sand. Horseshoe Bay is a must visit spot for your next Bermuda cruise.
Horseshoe Bay Cove in Bermuda

Bermuda is world famous for its pristine beaches, picturesque landscapes, and sunny skies, and there is no better way to experience it than on a cruise. But with so much to do on a cruise to Bermuda, it can be a little daunting to plan your trip. After all, this is your chance to take in everything the island has to offer and you don’t want to miss anything while you are there. To get you started, here are our picks for the best things to do when you take a Bermuda cruise.

Start Your Bermuda Cruise with Pink Sand Beaches

This one kind of goes without saying, but the number one reason people cruise to Bermuda is for the beautiful pink sand beaches. The most popular among Bermuda’s beaches is Horseshoe Bay, and it’s really not hard to see why. From the long stretch of impeccably pure sand, to the pristine waters that sparkle like sapphires in the sun, no place in the world feels more like heaven on Earth. Grab a burger from the bar above the beach, rent some snorkeling equipment for a little underwater exploration, and get ready for an afternoon of absolute bliss. For the perfect selfie to commemorate your trip, get here before dawn to catch the sunrise from one of the rock formations on either end of the beach!

Another great beach to visit on a Bermuda cruise is the mile-long, palm tree lined Elbow Beach, which has the benefit of off-shore reefs that protect it from choppy waves and make for famously calm waters. This is another very popular beach because it is a great place for water sports and is a short drive from the city of Hamilton. While you’re here, grab some scuba gear and check out the wreck of the cargo steamer Pollokshields, which sank in shallow waters over a hundred years ago. Or you can head to the Northern shore of St. George’s Island to Tobacco Bay, Bermuda’s top spot for snorkeling. This sheltered bay is a great place to spend a whole day, where you can enjoy watersports in the afternoon, grab a bite when you’re hungry, and finish with an evening of live music!

Check out the Royal Navy Dockyard

When your Bermuda cruise arrives at the Royal Navy Dockyard, you really won’t have to go far to find something to do, as there is a lot to check out just a short walk from where your ship is docked. At the Dockyard, you will find Snorkel Park, which is a smaller beach that (as the name suggests) is a great place to do a bit of snorkeling. Right next door to the park is a minigolf course called Bermuda Fun Golf, making it the perfect place for a day of fun that family friendly — Start with some snorkeling in the bay, grab a bite to eat on the beach, and then close it out with a friendly game of mini golf. Perfect!

The Dockyard is also home to many other great attractions that you’ll want to check out on a cruise to Bermuda. They’ve got Dolphin Quest Bermuda, where visitors can view and interact with dolphins in a sheltered, natural ocean lagoon setting. There’s also the National Museum of Bermuda for history buffs, which houses artifacts that documents the maritime and island history of Bermuda. The Clock Tower Shopping Mall is there for anyone looking to pick up some much needed souvenirs. Finally, you’ve got to check out The Frog & Onion Pub! It was opened in 1992 by a Bermudan and a Frenchman (the titular frog and onion), and is easily Bermuda’s most unique pub.

Don’t Forget Golf Clubs for Your Bermuda Cruise

If you are a golfer, make sure to pack your favorite clubs for your Bermuda cruise! There are many great golf courses all over the island, but we recommend the Port Royal Golf Course, which is conveniently located right by the cruise port. This famous course has received accolades such as being named Bermuda’s finest course by the New York Times, as well as being ranked as one of the world’s best public golf courses by Golf Digest. With 18 championship holes over 6,842 manicured yards, Port Royal is the longest and most scenic course on Bermuda, and an absolute must for any golf enthusiasts on a cruise to Bermuda. They are especially accommodating for cruisers, with special offers for passengers and golf clubs on hand if you forgot to bring yours!

Go Shopping on Front Street in Hamilton

Don’t worry all you shopaholics out there, we didn’t forget you! Whether you are looking to commemorate your Bermuda cruise with a souvenir, or just interested in an afternoon of window shopping, Front St. in Hamilton is the place for you. Hamilton is the Capital of Bermuda, and is fairly easy to get to by ferry from the Royal Navy Dockyard. Here you will find the best shopping on the whole island, from gimmicking souvenir shops to upscale clothing outlets — Whatever you are looking for, this is where you will find it. There is also a large variety of bars and restaurants in the area at your disposal, so you can easily make a whole day of finding the perfect souvenir to remember your trip by. After all, you don’t want to cruise to Bermuda and have nothing to show for it, right?

Finish Your Bermuda Cruise at Crystal and Fantasy Caves

Last but not least, no cruise to Bermuda is complete without a visit to the natural wonders of the Crystal and Fantasy Caves. Formed over a million years ago, these pristine underground pools house incredible formations that look like something from another world. In the immaculate waters of Crystal Cave, you will see running formations that through an optical illusion look as though they are just beneath the surface, even though they are as far down as 50 feet! Above you, white stalactites hang from the ceiling and sparkle like crystals, making it easy to see where the cave got its name. In Fantasy Cave, on the other hand, a state-of-the-art lighting system helps you to see the intricate details of these amazing formations while a guide provides facts on the history and geology of the cave. This is an experience that you won’t want to miss and the perfect way to cap off any Bermuda cruise!

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