Unique Cruise Destinations: 3 Off-the-Beaten-Path Locations You Should Cruise To

Up close encounters with sea lions only happen in some of the world’s most unique cruise destinations such as the Galapagos

With so many unique cruise destinations to sail to around the world it may be tough to choose which one is best for you. And in the age of Instagram, who doesn’t want to show off their experiences with a once-in-a-lifetime selfie taken in the most off-the-beaten-path location imaginable? If you are invested in living your best life (and maybe showing off a little on your socials), these 3 unique cruise destinations should definitely be at the top of your list!

Just a Little Out of the Way: Southern Caribbean

St. Lucia has a beautiful landscape to explore on a Southern Caribbean cruise

As one of the world’s most popular cruise destinations, the Caribbean isn’t exactly an off-the-beaten-path location. However, while virtually everyone who cruises from North America has been on a Western or Eastern Caribbean cruise, visiting the Southern Caribbean is an entirely different experience.

Located off the coast of South America, the Southern Caribbean is more difficult to reach from mainland North America than the rest of the Caribbean, which is what makes it a unique cruise destination. Many of the more popular Eastern or Western Caribbean destinations like Saint Martin/Sint Maarten, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands do appear on a lot of Southern Caribbean itineraries, with some of the Southern Caribbean cruises even departing from San Juan, Puerto Rico — one of the Caribbean’s busiest ports.

But once underway, you won’t be looking back! The Southern Caribbean is home to some of the region’s most remote and unspoiled destinations, from the dense tropical rainforests of St. Kitts, to the pristine white-sand beaches of Antigua, and even the brightly colored pastel houses you’ll find in Curaçao. As a bonus, you’ll typically encounter fewer crowds on a Southern Caribbean cruise, so you can enjoy these unique cruise destinations with less distractions and a little less hassle!

The Most Unique Cruise Destination: Galapagos Islands

The wildlife you will see in the Galapagos is unlike anything else you’ve experienced before

You can’t get much more of an off-the-beaten-path location than the Galapagos Islands. Located in the Pacific Ocean roughly 600 miles off the Ecuadorian coast, this iconic archipelago is responsible for inspiring the development of Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, due to the incredible variety of wildlife that can’t be found anywhere else. Today, the remote island chain is still hallowed ground for novice and seasoned naturalists alike. 

With your certified Galapagos Naturalist as your guide, you’ll encounter many of the same endemic species Darwin discovered almost 200 years ago, including finches, marine iguanas, giant tortoises, and more. You’ll marvel at the unique plant life that lives all over the islands. You might even visit the Bahia Post Office on Floreana Island, where buccaneers, whalers, and pirates would leave mail to be picked up by outgoing ships all those years ago — a long-standing tradition carried on today by visitors to the island. But no matter what you see or do at this unique cruise destination, you’re guaranteed to encounter wonders the likes of which you’ll never see anywhere else.

The Farthest Off-the-Beaten-Path Location: Antarctica

See emperor penguins with your own eyes when you cruise to Antarctica

Located just south of the Galapagos Islands, Antarctica is one of the most awe-inspiring and unique cruise destinations on Earth. You’ll find breathtaking natural beauty, an ecosystem unlike any other, and so much more on a visit to the world’s southernmost continent. However, Antarctica’s main draw has to be the unique wildlife, specifically one animal in particular: penguins! Several adorable species of penguin — including Emperors — call Antarctica and the surrounding islands home.

Antarctica is also home to 90% of the glacial ice in the world. In fact, Antarctic ice shelves have been known to calve icebergs measuring up to 50 miles long. So what do these harsh conditions mean for cruisers? It means that specially outfitted expedition ships are best equipped to safely and effectively navigate Antarctic waters. But the experience is well worth enduring the harsh conditions, if for no other reason than for some highly grammable selfies in the most unique cruise destination on the planet!

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