Carnival Loyalty Program: Make the Most Out of Being a VIFP

Carnival VIFP Club loyalty program sailing on Carnival Celebration

The Carnival loyalty program is a great way for cruise enthusiasts to cash in on extra perks just by taking the cruises that they love to take. Called the Carnival VIFP Club (VIFP meaning Very Important Fun Person), it allows you to get complimentary gifts, priority services, additional access, and much more, without having to do anything other than keep cruising with Carnival. Even better, you can take advantage of this amazing offer even when you book on, allowing you to take advantage of our great deals as well. If this sounds good to you, read on to get the skinny on what they offer and how to make the most of your cruising habits.

Cruise Your Way to Elevated Status

Regardless if you have ever cruised with Carnival before or not, every member of the Carnival VIFP Club is entitled to benefits. For your first cruise on the Carnival loyalty program, you will start at the Blue tier, meaning you will already have access to members-only promotions. To move up the tiers, you will need to earn points by taking more cruises. Each day at sea is another point earned, so a 5-day cruise will add 5 points to your total.

On your second cruise as a member of Carnival VIFP Club, you will automatically be upgraded to the Red tier. From there, you will need a total of 25 points to reach Gold tier, 75 points to make it to Platinum, and a whopping 200 points to reach the highest tier available, the Diamond tier. That means that with about 10 week-long cruises, you will be in range of Platinum status, which is where many of the best perks start to kick in! And since you can overlap’s benefits with the benefits offered by Carnival, it’s that much easier to rack up the cruises you will need to get that VIFP status.

Carnival Loyalty Program Points that Unleash Adventure

As mentioned, you will gain one point per day at sea toward the Carnival loyalty program whenever you cruise on a Carnival ship. However, that is just for standard cabins. If you book a luxurious cabin instead, then you will earn two points for every day at sea. That means that a week-long voyage would actually get you 14 points, which is more than halfway to Gold status in a single trip! Points will still be earned even if you don’t book directly with Carnival, so you can still take advantage of the amazing offers that are exclusive to users without compromising Carnival VIFP Club point earnings!

Sail in Style with Exclusive Carnival Loyalty Program Perks

As a Carnival VIFP Club member, you will have access to exclusive Early Saver Rates, getting you the best deals possible for your cruise vacation. You can stack these special rates with’s exclusive offers by booking on our site by entering your loyalty number. If you don’t have your loyalty number handy, then you can even search for it right on our site. This way, you can take full advantage of the Carnival loyalty program while not missing out on the amazing deals offered at

In addition to the special rates that you get from joining the Carnival loyalty program, you will also get a number of special treats during your voyage. These include complimentary beverages, discounted specialty dining, spa credits, and more, starting with a “welcome aboard” gift at the start of your trip. If you earn enough VIFP points, you can even earn a free cruise!Blue tier members start with the member-only offers and a members e-newsletter, and each tier they gain will retain all benefits from previous levels. Red tier members will add a complimentary liter of bottle water, while gold members will earn a complimentary drink on 5+ day cruises and a gold VIFP pin on every sailing. Once you reach the Platinum tier at 75 points, then a whole bunch of amazing perks kick in!

Platinum members of the Carnival loyalty program get great benefits like priority check-in, entry to a VIFP party with free drinks, priority spa reservations, arcade credits, a dedicated onboard Guests Services phone number, priority dinner reservations, complimentary wash & fold, and a bunch of free gifts and drinks. At Diamond, you will add guaranteed dinner reservations, unlimited wash & fold, a special invitation from the captain, a dedicated toll-free number for sales and services, and a number of one-time perks like a free cabin upgrade or extra guest. When you get to that top level of the VIFP ladder, you will truly understand what it means to be appreciated!

To take full advantage of the Carnival loyalty program, visit — we can help you book the smart way! We give you our exclusive bonus offers and all qualifying Carnival Cruise Line offers, plus all of the VIFP Club loyalty program benefits. Book Carnival cruises online at or call 800-288-6006 today.

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