Celebrity Cruise Ships: The 5 Coolest Areas You’ll Want to Visit

Celebrity cruise ship in port with lights at night

Celebrity cruise ships are well known for their elevated elegance and opulent attractions. These are the ships that you book if you want to get a taste of how the other half lives. With every area of the ship decked out with high-end amenities and extravagant décor, it can be difficult to figure out the best places to visit during your cruise. You certainly don’t want to find out about areas that you missed out on after you’ve already disembarked from your ship. To save you from a bout of post-cruise FOMO, we’ve rounded up our picks for the top 5 coolest venues available on Celebrity ships.

Experience The Captivating Magic Carpet on a Celebrity Cruise

Celebrity cruise ships people eating on the magic carpet elevated on side of ship

With each new iteration of Celebrity cruise ships, they always up the ante when it comes to innovatively engineered attractions. With the Edge class of Celebrity ships, they created the Magic Carpet, a cantilevered platform that hangs off the side of the ship and moves from deck to deck, serving different purposes with each relocation. Depending on the time of day, it can function as a sitting room, it can act as an extension for a restaurant, or it can be a late-night cocktail lounge. Whatever time of day you choose to visit, you will enjoy an unrivaled level of ambiance with amazing views of the ocean. You can find this magnificent venue on the Celebrity Beyond, Edge, and Apex.

A Celebrity Cruise Ship Staple: The Martini Bar

Celebrity cruise ship Martini bar open for guests
Martini Bar

When you take a Celebrity cruise, you expect the kind of elevated opulence that will make you feel like a celebrity yourself. The iconic Martini bar found on many Celebrity ships brings a level of sophistication and panache that will do just that. The bartenders here curate a high-energy experience with their exuberant mixing techniques and their attentive, enthusiastic service. The ambiance is classy and fresh, with ice-topped bar tops that are stuffed with chilled liquor and stunning silver décor that makes the whole room feel expensive. If you have ever wanted to feel like you’ve stepped into a James Bond movie, head to a Celebrity Martini Bar and your wish will be granted!

Celebrity Cruise’s Enchanting Eden

Celebrity cruise ship enchanted Eden with flowers on open windows at sea

The endlessly enchanting Eden Bar is a multi-faceted space that is designed to feel as close to paradise as you will find anywhere on this mortal plane. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer stunning views of the surrounding ocean, while the interior design is focused on modern geometrical patterns with live plants sprouting out of every corner. Modern art installations are also featured, creating an aesthetic of elevated class and culture. Here you can order off of an innovative menu serving fusion-inspired dishes and uniquely crafted cocktails. You can also enjoy live entertainment, with spontaneous performances and late-night theatrics. The Celebrity ships that feature this immersive experience are Beyond, Edge, and Apex.

Le Petit Chef 

Celebrity Cruise ship Le Petit bistro to eat

Another unique Celebrity Cruise innovation, Le Petit Chef features 3D animations of tiny chefs that are projected onto your table and adorably craft animated versions of each course before it is brought out. The four-course menu is inspired by the different places that the mini-gourmets have ostensibly traveled to, making the meal an immersive part of the story telling. Between each course, you will be treated to an animated show that plays out right on top of your table, and is sure to delight people of all ages. This lively experience is a staple of Celebrity ships and can be found on 13 ships across the fleet.

The Retreat Sundeck

Celebrity cruise ship exclusive access to the Retreat Sundeck while sitting while viewing ocean.

To get the full VIP experience on a Celebrity cruise, you’ll have to spring for the Retreat Experience. This will get you, among other things, exclusive access to the Retreat Sundeck. This space is reserved only for suite guests and features a number of relaxing amenities for you to enjoy. Kick your feet up in luxurious cabanas, take a dip in the warm waters of bubbling hot-tubs, or just enjoy the attentiveness of the personalized service offered. All of this you can enjoy while getting away from the hustle and bustle of the public decks and enjoying the immaculate mix of sun and seabreeze. The Retreat Sundeck is available on Edge series and Revolutionized ships.

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