2023 New Cruise Ships: See What’s on the Horizon

Brilliant Lady is a part of the 2023 new cruise ships
Brilliant Lady

The best thing about a new year is all the new releases that come with it, and cruise enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to with 2023’s new cruise ships right on the horizon. With the best new cruise ships coming from Celebrity, Norwegian, Carnival, MSC, and Virgin Voyages, there are 5 more reasons to hit the high seas this summer. Read on to see what’s got us excited about these new ships in 2023!

Our Top Pick in 2023 New Cruise Ships: Celebrity Cruises, Celebrity Ascent

Celebrity Ascent is one of the 2023 new cruise ships
Celebrity Ascent

Celebrity Cruises starts out our list of new ships in 2023 with the 4th ship in their acclaimed Edge series, Celebrity Ascent. This new ship takes the outward-facing design to a whole new level to better connect its passengers to the sights and the scenery out on the open sea. Slated to set out on its maiden voyage in the fall, it will be heading out to the Caribbean for its first run. Get ready to indulge in some amazing cuisine as good as anything you’ll find on land, with a whopping 32 different restaurants, bars, and lounges for you to sink your teeth into.

Top Service in 2023: Norwegian Cruise Line, Norwegian Viva

Norwegian Viva is on of the 2023 new cruise ships
Norwegian Viva

Norwegian will be adding to the list of 2023’s new cruise ships this summer with Norwegian Viva, the most spacious cruise ship with an unprecedented amount of deck space for open air enjoyment of the sea. Passengers will have multiple infinity pools to take a dip in, as well as flotation salt pools, a charcoal sauna, and forward-facing spa for maximum relaxation. For some real excitement, check out the 3-story race track that zips around the top of the ship. New ships in 2023 will be bringing a lot of new features and attractions, but what really sets Norwegian Viva apart is the highest staff-to-guest ratio of any new ship, taking pampering to the next level.

Top Ship in 2023 for Thrills: Carnival Cruise Line, Carnival Jubilee

Carnival Jubilee one of the 2023 new cruise ships
Carnival Jubilee

Carnival is known for ships that feel like a theme park at sea, and after releasing the likes of Mardi Gras and Carnival Celebration, the bar is set pretty high for their 2023 new cruise ship. But you can expect Carnival Jubilee to deliver the thrills and chills that they are known for, with six different “zones” on board, offering different attractions and ambiance for a unique experience in every corner of the ship. From the classics like Playlist Productions, to newer favorites like the Bolt roller coaster, and even some attractions that haven’t yet been announced, there is sure to be plenty to look forward to when this new ship hits the seas in December.

MSC Cruises’ Magnificent Addition: MSC Euribia

MSC Euribia is one of the 2023 new cruise ships
MSC Euribia

Named after the ancient goddess who harnessed the weather and constellations to be master of the seas, MSC Euribia is MSC Cruises’ addition to 2023’s new cruise ships. Debuting in June, it will be setting its sights on Norway, Germany, Italy, and other cities on the Mediterranean sea. The design of this magnificent ship has been focused on sustainable technologies that protect and preserve the marine ecosystems that it visits. From the uniquely designed hull of the ship, to the stunning artwork of the LED dome in the interior, every inch of this ship is a moving work of art. It also boasts one of the largest and most intricate waterparks of any ship at sea, making this one of the most exciting new ships in 2023.

Virgin Voyages 2023 New Cruise Ships: Resilient Lady & Brilliant Lady

Resilient Lady is part of the 2023 new cruise ships
Resilient Lady

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! For the 2023 new cruise ships by Virgin Voyages, we will be getting a two-for-one with Resilient Lady and Brilliant Lady, which are identical to the previously released ships Scarlet Lady and Valiant Lady. Resilient Lady will be heading across the globe to the Mediterranean, Australia, and the Caribbean starting in May, whereas Brilliant Lady will head out to the Caribbean later on in December. With 20 restaurants on board, a spa that turns into a nightclub, and adventurous offerings like a tattoo parlor at sea, you can expect these to be some of the most fun new ships in 2023 when they hit the seas later this year.

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