Top 7 Reasons to Book an Alaska Cruise Balcony

An Alaska cruise balcony is the best way to see all Alaska has to offer. Read our top 7 tips on why to book a balcony in Alaska.
Views from the balcony of Majestic Princess while sailing the Inside Passage.

You already know why cruising is the best way to explore The Last Frontier and like the fact that you can get up close and personal with the most spectacular, remote destinations while only having to unpack once. But what kind of stateroom should you pick when you finally book a once-in-a-lifetime voyage like this?

Is an Alaska cruise balcony really worth the splurge? We think yes. 100% YES. Read on to see our top 7 reasons why.

Breathtaking Views Offered from an Alaska Cruise Balcony

Imagine rolling out of bed in the morning, drawing the curtains, and seeing the most jaw-dropping landscapes floating past on the horizon from your balcony in Alaska. Within seconds, you can step out into the fresh Alaska air with the best seat in the house. Now imagine getting to experience that every single day of your cruise, and the view changes constantly so there’s always something new to see; larger-than-life glaciers, dazzling sunrises, magical mountain peaks and right from the comfort of your personal veranda.

Unlike cruisers staying in interior or oceanview staterooms, you don’t have to run up to the public deck spaces to catch panoramic views when you have an Alaska cruise balcony. The beauty of Alaska is (literally) just a few steps away from your bed. It doesn’t get any more immersive than that.

Local Wildlife Sightings

The wilds of Alaska are just that: utterly and spectacularly wild. And the fascinating fauna that call this unspoiled territory home can be seen without ever leaving the ship. An Alaska cruise balcony tops even that, allowing you the opportunity to spot all the animals on your bucket list without having to leave your room.

From marine mammals (humpback whales, orcas, seals, sea lions, sea otters) to rare birds (bald eagles, puffins, rhinoceros auklet) to close-to-shore land mammals (moose, bears, wolves, deer), all the wildlife you can witness while seated at your balcony is seriously mind-boggling. Prepare to be awed.

(Travel tip: Don’t forget to pack binoculars!)

Ultimate Privacy and Comfort From Your Alaska Cruise Balcony

The beauty of having your own balcony is it never gets crowded. Don’t worry about waking up early to claim your spot on the top decks; you can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of your personal viewing space, whenever you want.

The best part? There’s no dress code when you’re out on your private balcony in Alaska, so can wear what you please. Go ahead, lounge in your bathrobe and pajamas all day long; the cozier, the better!

Shelter from the elements

The top decks of a ship do offer wonderful perspectives of the horizon, but if you’re sitting or standing close to the rail (where the best viewpoints are), you’ll most likely be at the mercy of Alaska’s unpredictable elements.

Enter: Alaska cruise balcony staterooms!

Because balconies are partially enclosed, you can stay comfortable and dry during wind or rain without ever having to miss a thing.

Intimate dining and drinks

The most romantic dining experience aboard your ship could be closer than you think. If you book a balcony, you can arrange for room service to be brought table-side on your veranda for the most unforgettable dinner and a view with your boo.

Or why not start your day with eggs, a glass of OJ, and a side of glacial scenery? The true breakfast of champions.

Craving a nightcap after a long day of adventuring? You can end your evening with a glass of bubbly under a dazzling starry sky. Cheers to the perfect date night in!

Amazing Photo Ops Right From Your Alaska Cruise Balcony

For pro photographers, wannabe influencers, and everyone in between, there’s no better way to capture the best pic (or video) than out on your very own balcony in Alaska. Since you don’t have to worry about sharing deck space with fellow cruisers, you can set up your tripod all day long as you wait for the magic to unfold before your lens. And we can pretty much guarantee you won’t have to wait long … it’s Alaska after all.

Port Arrival Viewings

There’s something truly special about watching your next port come slowly into view as you dock for the day in one of Alaska’s charming seaside towns. And the hustle and bustle of the crew’s docking process is fascinating, too. Your balcony, once again, is the perfect spot to take it all in and get a taste of the local vibe from the comfort of your cabin. So, grab a blanket and treat your senses to the ideal morning routine.

And there you have it. A room with a view takes on a new meaning in Alaska. But a room with a balcony … that’s a whole other level of travel when it comes to cruising The Last Frontier.

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Author: Brittany Champa

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