Cruise Balcony Breakdown: Balcony Experiences You Can’t Miss

Cruise balcony on Celebrity

While you probably won’t be spending too much time in your state room during a cruise, the added benefits of a cruise balcony cannot be overstated. In between exciting excursions and cruise ship explorations, it is important to have a place to rest and revive yourself, and the tranquility of an open-air balcony can be a crucial piece of that puzzle. Lounge in an outdoor hammock, wake to the sunrise creeping into your cabin, or have an intimate night with your partner during golden hour; the world is your oyster and cruise balconies are the shell! We’re here to break down the different types of balcony rooms to help you decide which balcony fits you best.

Celebrity Infinite Veranda

Infinite Veranda cruise balcony on Celebrity

At the top of our list is a unique innovation created by Celebrity Cruises for people who want the best of both a traditional cruise balcony, as well as a (relatively) spacious stateroom. The defining feature of these rooms is an ocean-facing balcony with floor to ceiling windows that can be opened up to transform the whole room from a temperature-controlled living space into an open air veranda with the touch of a button. Bifold doors separate the balcony from the rest of the room, so guests can enjoy whichever experience they prefer while not inconveniencing their bunkmates. You can book these rooms on their Edge-class ships, including the Celebrity Edge, Beyond, and Apex.

Royal Caribbean’s Interior Facing Balcony

Image of Royal Caribbean's interior cruise balcony

Typically, when you book a cruise balcony room, you expect to have an ocean-facing room for stunning views of the endless ocean. But Royal Caribbean offers a different kind of balcony with their interior-facing balconies. Instead of open waters, these rooms overlook popular and vibrant areas of the ship, such as the Central Park or Boardwalk zones. This allows passengers to feel more connected to the activity and excitement of the ship and its passengers. Cruisers come from all different walks of life and make for some of the best people watching, which these balconies facilitate perfectly. Interior-facing cruise balconies are available on select vessels, such as the Oasis-class ships.

Aft Facing Cruise Balcony

Aft facing cruise balcony

If you are the type of person who likes a bit of respite from the hustle and bustle of cruise activities, then a rear-facing aft balcony might be the thing for you. These cruise balconies face the back of the ship giving passengers a view of its wake, which is especially nice for getting a last look at the destinations that you visit as you depart. As a bonus, these rooms are typically further from the main pools and public areas that draw a lot of foot traffic, allowing for a more tranquil and relaxing experience. Many ships also offer special features in these rooms, like a wrap-around balcony or extended veranda, so keep an eye out for any extra features when booking.

Virgin Voyages’ Sea Terrace

Image of Virgin Voyages cruise balcony

The Sea Terrace rooms on Virgin Voyages’ ships are a swanky and spacious way to experience open ocean and panoramic views while still having enough space to enjoy the comforts of your temperature-controlled cabin. The eponymous terrace features floor-to-ceiling windows that can be completely opened to allow the ocean air into the cabin, or kept closed so as to not disturb other passengers who may want the comfort of air conditioning. In true Virgin Voyages fashion, these cruise balconies also come with a red hammock that is perfect for lounging around and enjoying the breeze in style!

Sky View Suite Cruise Balcony on Princess Cruises

Sky View Cruise Balcony on Princess

The ultimate in cruise balcony experiences is the Sky View Suite Balcony from Princess Cruises. These rooms offer much more space at a whopping 1,000 square feet, which allows for additional perks like wrap-around balconies, upgraded furniture, or private hot tubs. (These extra amenities vary from room to room, so be sure to check what perks are offered when you book.) But the real kicker here is that these rooms are on the top deck of the ship, offering the absolute best views possible of both that surrounding ocean as well as the destinations that you will visit. It’s hard to imagine better cruise balconies than this!

Virtual Balconies on Royal Caribbean

Virtual cruise balcony on Royal Caribbeam

We finish our list of cruise balconies with a more affordable substitute, the Virtual Balcony rooms provided on Royal Caribbean’s vessels. These faux balcony rooms utilize floor-to-ceiling, high-definition screens to show real-time views of the ocean and surrounding locales, creating the immersive experience of a cruise balcony at a lower price. Sounds of the ocean complete the illusion, making these virtual rooms popular with guests who want to be able to wake up with the sunrise without having to shell out the extra cash for an ocean-facing room.

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