Cruises for Nature Lovers: 5 Destinations to Celebrate Earth Day

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Earth Day is almost here, and it’s a good time to think about cruises for nature lovers. Appreciation of the natural world around us is something that we often forget to have, but it is much easier to connect with nature when you visit some of the magnificent natural wonders on this list. From the magnificent underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef, to the diverse ecosystem that inspired the Theory of Evolution, there are many destinations for nature lovers here to check off of your bucket list. And what better way to spend this Earth Day than by planning your next vacation to one of these breathtaking destinations? 


Many Americans have never ventured as far as Alaska, affectionately referred to as The Last Frontier, but they are missing out as it is easily one of the best cruises for nature lovers. This is a place where one can truly become one with nature as they explore endless mountains, dense forests, great bodies of water, and immense glaciers. The wildlife here remains largely untouched by people, with communities of salmon, eagles, bears, whales, seals, and more thriving in their natural habitat. Whether you are interested in kayaking, hiking, birdwatching, or even dogsledding, few destinations for nature lovers have so much to offer. To get the best experience in the 49th state, we highly recommend sailing with Princess Cruises or Holland America!

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Costa Rica

Smack dab in the middle of Central America, connecting the Northern and Southern continents, you will find another great destination for nature lovers — Costa Rica. This tiny, tropical nation is home to almost 6% of the planet’s plant and animal species so you can expect to see a wide range of species, such as monkeys, crocodiles, sloths, egrets, and many different types of birds.

The landscapes are equally diverse, with mangrove swamps and cloud forests teeming with life, and the power of nature on full display from the volcanoes to the waterfalls. Unfortunately, you will have to shell out a little extra cash, as luxury lines like Windstar Cruises, Seabourn, Hurtigruten, and Silversea are the only cruises that come here. But for one of the best cruises for nature lovers, it will be well worth the price.

The Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands are some of the most well known places for diverse biodiversity in the entire world, so it makes sense that this would make our list of the best cruise destinations for nature lovers. The species here are so unique, they formed the foundation for Darwin’s Theory of Evolution almost 200 years ago, and those very same species still call the islands home to this day. We’re talking finches, marine iguanas, giant tortoises, sea lions, penguins, and so many more. Not to mention, of course, the unique flora that is as diverse and mesmerizing as the fauna. This isn’t just a great destination for nature lovers, but almost a rite of passage for evolutionists. If you are interested in exploring this unique destination, taking an expedition cruise with Celebrity is the way to go!


Hawaii isn’t just a great destination for nature lovers, it is one of the most popular and beloved cruise destinations in general. But instead of appreciating it for its pristine beaches and sunny skies like everyone else, nature lovers can head to Hilo and walk across the “frozen earth,” where rock formations have been created by the world’s most active volcano, Kilauea. Head to the “Garden Island,” Kauai, and kayak down the Wailua River in search of hidden respites among the trees. Or check out Haleakala National Park on the island of Maui for the most amazing view into the canyon there that was formed by a volcano. Whether you’re interested in hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, ziplining, or whatever else, Hawaii should definitely be on the top of your list of cruises for nature lovers, and we recommend taking a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line on the Pride of America to get you there in style.

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We’ve talked a lot about nature on the land, but what about cruises for nature lovers who want to explore beneath the waves? Enter Australia, home of the vibrant and diverse Great Barrier Reef. You have not lived until you’ve gone on a snorkeling excursion into this otherworldly underwater realm of colorful coral and riveting marine life. Surfers can head over to Manly Beach, which has been a favorite of Australians since the 19th century for its swimming and surfing. But even land lovers will find this to be a good destination for nature lovers, with sites like the magnificent Blue Mountains, a range of sandstone cliffs, dense forests, and awe-inspiring waterfalls. Whatever type of exploration fits your fancy, Australia is the place for you.

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