Dining on Norwegian: 6 NCL Restaurants We Know You’ll Love

Dining on Norwegian? Check out these top NCL restaurants

Dining on Norwegian is perhaps one of the greatest unsung perks to taking a voyage on an NCL cruise ship. With each ship having dozens of restaurants to choose from, it doesn’t matter if you’re grabbing a quick bite between activities or going for the full fine dining experience for dinner, every day on an NCL ship is a veritable culinary adventure. With so many restaurants to choose from, it can be a bit daunting to know which ones to try first. To help you out, we’ve got 6 NCL restaurants that we know you will love.


Dining on Norwegian? Check out Palomar, one of the top NCL restaurants

We start our journey through dining on Norwegian with Palomar, the first ever of NCL restaurants to focus on Mediterranean style seafood. At this elegant establishment you will be able to experience the many flavors of the Greek Isles with authentic seafood dishes featuring wild Mediterranean sea bass, roasted monkfish, spiny lobster, and much more. If you’re not so much a fan of seafood, fear not; They’ve also got plenty of other dishes, like filet mignon or Australian lamb chops to keep everyone happy. Pair your meal with regional and natural biodynamic wines and make sure to save room for dessert to get the full experience!

Onda by Scarpetta

Dining on Norwegian? Check out Onda, one of the top NCL restaurants

The newest of NCL restaurants to hit the seas is none other than Onda, sister restaurant to the critically acclaimed Scarpetta back on land. In Italy, scarpetta refers to the act of using the ends of bread to scoop up every last bit of sauce from your plate (an act we are surely all familiar with), and that is exactly what you will be doing when you are here. Onda offers a taste of “la dolce vita” (the good life) to its patrons with the bold, vibrant flavors of modern Italian cuisine in a variety of signature pastas and succulent seafood creations. Dining on Norwegian doesn’t get much better than this!

Cagney’s Steakhouse

Dining on Norwegian? Check out Cagney's, one of the top NCL restaurants

Next up on our list of NCL restaurants is Cagney’s Steakhouse, which has the honor of being Norwegian’s signature chophouse. This is an upscale experience that you will find on literally every ship in Norwegian’s fleet, so regular Norwegian cruisers will most likely be familiar with it. This a la carte, fine-dining establishment features a wide range of prime steak favorites, from classic T-bone steaks to tender prime ribs, all cut from premium, certified angus beef. In addition, they’ve got their own exclusive cocktail selection to complete the experience. Dining on Norwegian is always a “cut” above the rest, and Cagney’s is certainly no exception!


Dining on Norwegian? Check out Teppanyaki, one of the top NCL restaurants

Teppanyaki is a hibachi-style Japanese restaurant and is one of the NCL restaurants that you will find on most Norwegian ships. When you dine here, you will pay a flat fee to get the full hibachi experience that mixes dining with entertainment, as your professional chef expertly crafts made to order creations right in front of you. What sets this experience apart from other dining on Norwegian is the personal touch of having your cook artfully slice, dice, and sear scrumptious morsels while you order and enjoy your meal. If you ever get the chance to eat here, you’ve got to try the filet mignon or the shrimp!


Dining on Norwegian? Check out Coco's, one of the top NCL restaurants

A list of the best dining on Norwegian wouldn’t be complete without at least one novelty dessert shop, and Coco’s is here to fill that spot. This ice cream shop was first introduced in 2018, and is mostly found on NCL’s newer ships. The sweet offerings here are more than just scoops and dips however. These extravagant confection creations aspire to make art out of food, and drip from top to bottom with vibrant colors and rich flavors. Here you will be treated to milkshakes, ice cream cups, crepes, and even fruit salads (first timers should definitely try the milkshakes first!).

Q Texas Smokehouse

Dining on Norwegian? Check out Q Texas Smokehouse, one of the top NCL restaurants

Finishing off our list of NCL restaurants is Q Texas Smokehouse, which debuted on the Norwegian Bliss and proves that specialty dining on Norwegian doesn’t have to just be about fancy plates and upscale aesthetics. Another a la carte offering, here you will find a country atmosphere in the dining room and a menu full of Southern classics from short ribs to pulled pork. Unfortunately they are only open for dinner, but it is well worth waiting for the evening to come to get authentic American barbeque like this. The experience is completed with live performances of country music put on every night, sure to make any good ol’ Southerners feel right at home! 

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