6 Romantic Cruise Activities for Valentine’s Day

Romantic cruise activities such as dining out or seeing a show are a great way to take part in romantic cruise experiences

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, many couples will be taking a trip to celebrate the holiday with some romantic cruise activities. Cruises are a great way to get away for a few days and see the world, but it’s even more special when you can share the experience with someone you love. To help you steer your way through any Valentine’s Day voyage, here are 6 romantic cruise activities that you can do to make your special occasion even more special.

Romantic Cruise Activities at the Spa

Most cruise ships are going to have a spa, and most cruise spas are tailor made to be as romantic and relaxing as they possibly can be, making them easily one of the best environments to have a romantic cruise experience. There are a number of services provided that are perfect for a day of couples pampering, such as a couples massage, some much needed sauna time, or a group fitness class. You can also use their services to get dolled up before hitting a fancy restaurant later that night. Girls can get their nails and hair done, guys can get a fresh shave and a haircut, and then it’s off to your next romantic cruise activity.

Dining Out for Romantic Cruise Activities

Of course you don’t need a reminder to eat while you are on your cruise, but don’t sleep on fine dining experiences when looking for romantic cruise activities. You may have to pay a little more, as specialty restaurants aren’t usually included in cruise packages, but it will be worth it for the elevated experience. Every major cruise ship has some great options for top-tier romantic dining. If you’re on a Celebrity cruise, try Murano for French cuisine with a modern twist, or 150 Central Park on Royal Caribbean for elevated classic entrees with locally sourced ingredients. Norwegian has Cagney’s Steakhouse for choice cuts of angus beef and Princess Cruises features Sabatini’s Italian Trattoria with its handmade pasta and delectable seafood.

Commemorate Your Night with a Professional Photo

A special night calls for a special picture to remember it by, and professional photographers on cruise ships are available to do private photo shoots if you want to commemorate your romantic cruise experience. This may include posing in various areas of the ship, using props in a photo studio, or taking pictures while the ship is at port. Generally, there is no sitting fee for studio portraits taken onboard, but it is recommended to confirm with the staff prior to the session. They will also typically have photographers set up around the ship for more spur-the-moment photos, which adds a sense of romantic impulse to the whole experience, so keep an eye out for your opportunity! Your professional photos can be purchased in the photo gallery before the end of your cruise. 

Stay in and Get Room Service

If you are looking for a more intimate romantic cruise experience, it doesn’t get any more intimate than a night in the cabin with room service and a view. Admittedly, this works a lot better if you have a cabin with a balcony, but the benefit of staying in is that you are in full control of the night. You get to decide what’s on the menu and you don’t have to worry about other people distracting you from your partner. While there are plenty of romantic cruise activities outside of your cabin to enjoy, don’t forget to take the time to show your loved one that they are what makes these experiences so special!

See a Broadway-style Show

Another great romantic cruise activity that may not be on your radar for a date night at sea is the Broadway shows that are often put on on cruise ships. These are just as high quality as what you would see in New York City, so it’s a great way to slip in a little culture to your night out. If you’re on a Royal Caribbean cruise, you could go see an old standby like Grease, or a jukebox musical like Saturday Night Fever or Mamma Mia. If your date is a Disney fan, then you can treat them to a showing of Beauty and the Beast on a Disney Cruise Line ship. Check your itinerary before you go to see what is showing!

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The MOST Romantic Cruise Activities

For the ultimate romantic cruise experience, the activity that only the most passionate of cruisers will endeavor to partake in, you can always get married while you’re on a cruise! Or, if you are already married, you can instead take the opportunity to get your vows renewed. Wedding services are provided on many cruises, both on the ship itself as well as at port, which makes for the perfect setting for a small-scale wedding (or even an impromptu eloping!). What’s more romantic than tying the knot with the endless ocean as backdrop, symbolizing the endless potential on the horizon of your new union?

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