Royal Caribbean Loyalty Program: Make the Most of Your Cruise Benefits

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The Royal Caribbean loyalty program, called the Crown and Anchor Society, is a great way to get extra perks and discounts just for taking cruises that you were going to take anyway. It is easy as pie to join, earns you discounts, gifts, and priority status, and you can take advantage of it while also getting other great deals on your cruises. Whether you are a cruising veteran, or thinking about taking your first cruise ever, this program is not something that you should be passing up on. Read on to find out everything you need to take full advantage of one of the most generous loyalty programs on the sea!

Crown and Anchor Society Enrollment and Points

You can enroll in the Royal Caribbean loyalty program easily enough on your own by visiting their Loyalty Ambassador onboard to sign-up for the program, but it is even easier when you book with a travel agent as they can help you through the process. What’s more, booking with affords you extra benefits and discounts that do not interfere with discounts given by the cruise line, including all Crown and Anchor Society perks.

Once you are a member, you can start earning points which will unlock higher tiers leading to more and more discounts and benefits. You earn points with every cruise you take based on the number of nights you book. For each night of a cruise, you earn one point, unless you book a suite in which case your points will be doubled! These points can be accumulated on any and all Royal Caribbean cruise deals, so feel free to stick with the best deals you can find!

Combining Benefits and Exclusive Deals

Stacking deals on top of each other is the best way to keep your cruise costs low, so you will be happy to know that not only can benefits from the Royal Caribbean loyalty program be added to other Royal Caribbean deals, but you can also get exclusive perks by booking through for a triple stacked deal that would make even the most seasoned coupon clipper proud.

Once you are signed up for the program, you can enter your Crown and Anchor Society number any time you book on our site or give it to a travel agent to discover exclusive loyalty rates with Using your Crown and Anchor Society loyalty number when booking with us is the best way to make sure that you are getting the absolute best deals available and not leaving any money or loyalty perks on the table. After all, better deals means you can afford more cruises, which means you’ll get more points, leading to even better deals!

Crown and Anchor Society Tiers and Benefits

There are 6 tiers in the Royal Caribbean loyalty program and each tier builds upon the perks of the previous tiers. That means that when you unlock a new tier, you won’t be saying goodbye to anything you got on a previous tier.


This tier unlocks at 3 points so you will only have to take one cruise to start earning benefits. In this tier, you will get an exclusive onboard booking bonus, priority check-in, access to a private departure lounge with continental breakfast, exclusive rates, and an invitation to an exclusive “welcome back” party. You will also receive information about things like special offers, new ships, and great onboard offers. If you are traveling with a child, they will have the same membership status as their parent and will receive a Youth Activity and Ultimate Value Booklet with special onboard savings and a commemorative gift.


You will move on to the Platinum tier once you have accumulated 30 points. This will get you access to an exclusive top tier event, discounts on Balcony and Suite staterooms, and they will waive your ChoiceAir Plus fee. You will also get some complimentary gifts, including robes to use onboard and a signature lapel pin. You will also get matching tier status in Celebrity Cruises’ Captain’s Club & Azamara Club Cruises’ Le Club Voyage.


This tier unlocks at 55 points is mostly the same as the Platinum tier, but with extra recognition and it adds to the previous benefits complimentary refreshments when boarding.


At 80 points, you will really start to feel like a VIP, with priority wait lists for shore excursions and spa services, priority departure, an exclusive event held nightly, priority waitlist seating requests in the dining room, and daily breakfast with specialty coffee. You will also get a milestone recognition and can access the Diamond Lounge on any ship that it is available on.

Diamond Plus:

Getting here will take you 175 points, and will get you personalized recognitions like a behind the scenes tour, concierge lounge access, priority seating at theater, ice show, and AquaTheater events, and a personalized gift. Even more recognitions will unlock at 340 points, when you will get to have a meal with an Officer and will get upgraded bathroom amenities, and with gifts at the 350 and 525 point milestones. You will also get priority access to stateroom upgrades, access to Diamond Plus & Pinnacle Club call center staff members, and you get Royal Caribbean logo identification luggage tags.

Pinnacle Club

The top of the top, the Pinnacle Club, unlocks with a whopping 700 points. You will receive a personalized lapel pin, a Gold Card with exclusive privileges, and best of all, a complimentary 7-night cruise in a Balcony stateroom at 700 points and 1050 points. From there you will earn a 7-night cruise in a Junior Suite for every 350 points you earn!

To start earning points on the Royal Caribbean cruises today, visit — we can help you book the smart way! We give you our exclusive bonus offers and all qualifying cruise line offers, plus all of the cruise line loyalty program benefits. Book online at or call 800-288-6006 today.

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