Viking Ocean Cruise: What’s Included in the Price of Your Ticket

Take a Viking ocean cruise to visit some of the most beautiful destinations. When you cruise Viking it will be an experience unlike any other.
Viking Star in Santorini, Greece

Taking a Viking ocean cruise has been increasing in popularity, thanks in large part to their focus on destinations and commitment to passenger experiences. If you’ve never taken a trip on one of these culturally enriching cruise ships, you are missing out on one of the most unique cruise experiences out there. When you do book your first Viking cruise (which you can do right at to get extra savings), you may be wondering what is included in the price of admission. Fear not, future Viking stans — We’ve got the low down on everything you get when you cruise Viking.

Viking Ocean Cruise Shore Excursions

One of the primary reasons people cruise Viking is the emphasis that they put on exploring the culture and the communities of the destinations that they sail to. To that end, Viking offers one complimentary shore excursion at every port of call. This way, you can get up close and personal with the local communities without having to break the bank on shore excursions at every stop. After all, no one sails to Paris just to be stuck at port once they get there. 

The shore excursions on a Viking ocean cruise are designed to give passengers a closer look at the day-to-day lives of the residents of each destination. Whether it’s exploring the streets of Saigon by pedal cab, touring the vineyards and wine cellars of Italy, or visiting the banana plantations of St. Lucia, there is no better way to get a snapshot of the local communities than this. Even better, passengers on a Viking ocean cruise will get exclusive entry to culturally important places all over the world, including before- and after-hours access to top museums and private homes and palaces not open to the public.

Onboard Entertainment and Activities

While Viking ocean cruises are committed to fully exploring their destinations, that doesn’t mean that they skimp on the onboard entertainment and activities. In fact, they offer a lecture program that will educate passengers at each port of call on the destination’s history and culture, including art, architecture, music, geopolitics, the surrounding nature, and more. These lectures are provided by local experts of all kinds, such as authors, archaeologists, news correspondents and even former diplomats.

In addition, other cruising standards are offered free of charge when you cruise Viking. Luxuriate at the heated pool with a retractable roof that provides a place to kick back and relax regardless of the weather, where movie nights are put on thanks to a giant poolside screen. Enjoy one of the destination specific performances that are provided on every Viking ocean cruise, from traditional Greek dancing to authentic Italian opera. Viking also has exclusive relationship with Oslo’s Munch Museum, and features the work of Edvard Munch in a daily, interactive event.

Complimentary Dining & Drinks

As you might expect, any Viking ocean cruise is also going to provide you with plenty of dining and drinks to keep you sated, from the welcome cocktails when you board, to the farewell reception at the end of the trip, and all the destination-specific dining provided in between. All dining is covered by the price of your ticket, including specialty restaurants. The only exception is The Kitchen Table experience, which is really a shore excursion where guests learn how to cook local dishes and enjoy a private meal.

Whether you like to have a nice cold beer with dinner, a glass of wine by the pool, or a hot cup of tea to start each day, your Viking ocean cruise package has got you covered. 24-hour specialty coffees, teas, & bottled water are complimentary when you cruise Viking, and beer, wine, and soft drinks are included with every onboard lunch and dinner.

WiFi & Other Included Items on a Viking Ocean Cruise

Other complimentary amenities provided for you when you cruise Viking include free WiFi that is available to all guests, direct-dial satellite phone and cell service in every stateroom, and self-service launderettes if you need to do laundry during your voyage. Port taxes and fees are also covered by Viking, as well as visits to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, so you will be able to take in the history of each destination without having to worry about budgeting for it. Even better, if you fly with Viking Air, your ground transfers will also be included. Truly, just about everything you need to enjoy a worry-free vacation will be provided when you cruise Viking!

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